The Future of Mobile Sports Betting in the USA

The US is the largest consumer of technology and also the place where some of the world’s best tablets and smartphones are produced. Not surprisingly, people rely heavily on handheld gadgets and use them for both work and entertainment. Online casinos and bookmakers around the world that are listed on sites like promote mobile gaming and their players have wholeheartedly embraced this form of entertainment. In spite of all this, with sports betting being far from nationwide legalization, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of mobile sports betting in the US.

Setting the wheels of changing motion

14 years ago when the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was passed, the future of sports betting and gambling in general looked bleak in the US. It took a long time for states to reverse their attitude and today, progressive ones lead the charge. There are several places where online casinos have already been legalized, with New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada spearheading the offensive. The latter had the advantage of offering its players legal sports betting and served as an example for its counterparts.

Even though only a few states have taken concrete action towards the legalization of mobile sports betting, they lead by example. There are other US states that contemplate this possibility and many have already passed or discussed bills aimed at legalizing this activity. This led the Supreme Court to weigh in on this matter and its most recent decision is promising, to say the least. The highest court in the US decided to bring power back into the states’ hands and let them decide what happens next.

This has opened the door to the legalization of sports betting in many states across the US, although a nationwide law is unlikely to pass anytime soon. In recent years, the amounts wagered by Americans on major events such as the Super Bowl have surged to new highs and this looks like a trend that will continue. Since many players are willing to go around the prohibitive laws and gamble at unlicensed operators, there are good reasons to push ahead with a legalize market.

Legal sports betting benefits people

As stated above, those who are hell-bent on betting on sports will always find the way to do it, even in the absence of a legal framework. Unfortunately, they are forced to take unnecessary risks, by breaking the law and gambling at potentially dishonest bookmakers. The legalization of sports betting will bring more money to state coffers, while keeping players safe. Pennsylvania and California are some of the states in favor, while Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Wyoming oppose such a measure.

There is tremendous interest from international bookmakers to enter the US market, which is the largest and potentially the most lucrative in the world. If the legal framework is established, they will bring their experience and resources to provide Americans with the best sports betting experience. It is only a matter of time until this happens, so even though there many obstacles to overcome, the future of mobile sports betting in the US is bright.