The Essential Guide For Buying A Golf Buggy: What You Need To Know

If you’re a regular golfer, you’re probably tired of lugging your bag around the course on your back during every game. Investing in a golf buggy can dramatically improve your gaming experience and reduce the amount of back pain you may suffer from after a long game. The use of golf buggies is widely accepted in most countries, and many golfers are embracing them as an essential part of their kit. In our guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know so you can choose the right golf buggy to improve your game.

What Is A Golf Buggy?

A golf buggy is a piece of equipment that golfers use to transport their golf bag, water bottle, and any other accessories around the golf course during their game. Golf buggies can come with three or four wheels and save golfers valuable energy during a round by not having to carry their golf bag on their backs. They can come in various shapes, sizes and colours, but they all serve the same purpose; allowing golfers the freedom of playing a round without the weight of a golf bag tiring them out.

How To Choose The Right Buggy For You

When you look for the right golf buggy, it’s essential you have a specific criteria that the buggy must meet in order to be suitable for your needs. Most golf buggies to be durable, lightweight, and visually appealing, like the buggies your can expect to find at Hillside Buggies. However, it is also important to look for a buggy that is not only compact for transportation but can also be set up and taken down easily. As you look for a suitable golf buggy, it’s vital that you also set a budget so that you can narrow down your search for an affordable golf buggy.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to using a golf buggy when you play a round of golf. The first and most significant benefit is saving energy by not carrying your golf bag on your back throughout the game, which can be immensely tiring if you’re playing 18 holes or using a hilly course. Another benefit is that you will have easy access to your clubs without having to remove your bag from your back each time you want to pull out a club for a shot. They also offer extra storage for your other items such as your scorecard, water bottle, or smartphone, and most golf buggies come equipped with a built-in umbrella holder, which means you won’t be caught in the rain without cover during a round again. Some golf buggies even have room to accommodate a small seat, which is extremely useful for older players who may find they need to catch their breath at times.

Three Or Four Wheels? 

Regarding how many wheels your golf buggy should have, that is entirely down to personal preference, as a three-wheeled buggy will perform just as well as one with four wheels. A buggy with three wheels is typically more compact and can be stored with more ease, and a four-wheeled buggy offers more stability than one with three wheels.