The Best Slot games of 2019

When it comes to an online casino, slots are one of the most common and the most played games on online casinos. Although a typical online casino hosts several different games, including bingo, blackjack, roulette, live casino games and more, deep down slots have always been the core element of every online casino, which is why usually slots are the most played game on any online casinos or casino sister sites.

Being done with that, we gathered some of the best online casino slot games for all the casino freaks out there that are willing to try some good slots, however before that, allow us to explain what casino slots are and how they work to the beginners.

What are Slots?

To begin with, Slots function on a basic program which is termed as “Random Number Generators”. These basic programs generate a sequence of random numbers every time you click the button and the wheel spins. A 3-reel slot, which was the first kind of slot game, uses three different columns to generate numbers, while a 5-reel slot offers five-column or sequence of numbers, thus having greater chances of rewards and bonuses when it comes to online casinos.

Now that that’s covered, let’s move on towards the main element, which is the best slot games of 2019, explained as follows:

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest Slot is probably the most famous slot of 2019 and is available on almost every slot site on the internet, while also being the most played slot game as well. Gonzo’s Quest slot puts you in an adventurer’s, called Gonzo, shoes. Playing as Gonzo, you’ll be a treasure hunter, searching for El Dorado, a lost city filled with treasures. On your journey, you’ll find various treasures and bonuses as well, and various challenges to fulfill.

Gonzo’s Quest boasts a unique theme with good graphics, which is why its one of the most played slot games in 2019. It’s not entirely a typical reel-slot game, however, it is incredibly fun to play.


Starburst is yet another online slot that is often seen on many online casinos. With entertaining visual graphics, Starburst offers you a chance to win €50,000, which is the main goal and award for this slot, while also having the chance to win various rewards and several free spins depending on the number sequence your luck generates.

If you get one of the bonus stars in one of the five sequences, you get a free spin right then and there. Starburst is a mix of ’90s arcade games and modern slot, combined to form the perfect nostalgic modern slot game.

Jewel Box

Jewel Box is a famous online casino slot that you can play in 2020 if you’re playing from a computer. Although the slot game itself is compatible with various devices, it seems to lack the actual charm when it comes to playing it on any other device other than a computer.

That being said, the graphics of this slot game are surreal and stunning and uses a different mechanism for award acquisition as compared to various other slot games. In the case of the jewel box, you don’t have to get your pay-lines on the first reel. Rather than that, you can win awards based on the number of jewels that get stacked together, making the game way easier to understand.