Tennis History and Background

Tennis has over time proved to be a sport of longevity given how it has been a mainstream sport for many years. It is a very popular relaxation sport especially for big spending jeux de casino sur crazyvegas jackpot winners. There have been varying schools of thought on the inception of tennis as a sport in both modern and ancient history.

Its introduction as a formal sport is something that has not really ben properly documented leaving people to depend on oral history and hearsay as evidence.

Evolution of Tennis

Tennis’ evolution as a sport is said to date back to as early as 1872 as there have been traces of history that suggest that tennis started off as a past time activity that was played by monks in ancient France and it later grew into a popular phenomenon until ‘Lawn Tennis” was introduced.

This is just according to oral history since the real evolution of tennis into a proper mainstream sport has not been properly packaged as it should in a normal set up.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are also said to have played tennis in ancient history but evidence to this effect is not really clear. It is said that young people in the ancient Greek and Roman set up are said to have played different versions of tennis or rather a sport or activity that can in a away be qualified to be tennis. In normal circumstances one would expect to have at least a few ancient paintings , drawings and  australian online pokies to this effect given the allusion to ancient Greek history but however the only evidence has been a few related words within their vocabulary that are still evident and related to tennis.

Meaning of Tennis

The popular sport is said to have been named after Tinnis an ancient Egyptian city close to the famous river Nile with the word evolving from an Arabic word, “rahat” referring to palm of the hand as per historical evidence.