Wild Card NFL Free Picks Against the Spread


Please note that each of our staff members have different handicapping strategies. Bobby will make most of his selections early in the week, while Jay and Mike wait until later in the week to see where lines are moving. In other words, check back often. We try to have all of our selections filled in by Friday Night. You can always sign up at our Staff Selections Home Page to get our staff selections by email when they are ready.

Our top play is shaded in yellow.

Wild Card
Bob Babowski
YTD: 130-124-2
Top 5: 46-39-0
Jay Cooper
YTD: 132-122-2
Top 5: 48-36-1
Mike Ivcic
YTD: 132-122-2
Top 5: 41-44-0
@ Cardinals +6.5 Panthers -6.5 Panthers -6.5
@ Steelers -3 Ravens +3 Ravens +3
@ Bengals +3.5 Colts -3.5 Colts -3.5
@ Cowboys -6.5 Cowboys -6.5 Cowboys -6.5