Sports Betting – Love 8 Team Parlays, Little Money Big Payouts

Betting on baseball is the thing to do this time of the year and the number one reason for this is well, simply put, we’re in the thick of the offseason. There is no football going on, although it is right around the corner. The NFL preseason starts the first week of August and college football starts on August 24th. Most of the great online betting services offer a plethora of  other sports as well such as golf, tennis, MMA, auto racing and much more but the number one sport to bet on right now is Major League Baseball and that’s ok because we love it! Baseball is where the real money is, it’s the winner’s choice and there is simply no denying the fact the baseball is a sport made for betting on. It’s a sport that can pay big bucks and the sharp players love it.

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What are baseballs best bets right now, which teams are hot?

The Astros and the Yankees are tearing it up right now with the Astros in the middle of a 12 game winning streak and the Yankees having won 15 of their last 20 games. Both of these two teams are on a baseball mission and from the Astros it’s to repeat and from the Yankees it’s to avenge their playoff woes to these very Houston Astros!

Rules to live by when betting parlays:

This is one time when you should forget about the stat book, leave it at home. Normally this is never recommended but betting parlays is an entirely different ballgame.

There are two ways of approaching parlays, 1. From a winners angle, 2. From a losers angle, and we mean the teams, not you the players! You must diversify when playing parlays you should play parlays with 8 teams that you have a reasonable idea that will lose on the day and 8 teams that you believe will win for the day. Now, there is stradegy within the strategy and without making this too convoluted let’s lay it out in simple terms…

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Take 8 teams that you like to win and play them all as winners in a parlay, then take 8 teams that you like as losers and play them with one winner.

Example #1:

Teams that you like to win.

Royals, Cardinals, Braves, Brewers, Yankees, Mariners, Padres, Astros. Play all of these on one parlay card against the moneyline. (Odds will vary based on what your bookie pays out and/or the moneyline odds for your specific chosen teams for that day). A fixed odds Parlay table usually looks something like this:


# of Teams **Offshore Payout
2 13/5
3 6/1
4 10/1
5 20/1
6 401
7 80/1
8 100/1


For a “true odds” parlay calculation be sure to ask your favorite bookmaker what they pay and how the payouts are calculated.

Example #2:

Teams that you like to lose.

Red Sox, Marlins, Angels, Twins, Rays, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants.

Take one of the eight and play the other team, on a parlay card with one of your teams from the list that you like to win. …. IE. Red Sox, you will play whomever the Red Sox are playing with, say the Braves or any of the other teams from the list. Change it up one team per parlay card and never play against yourself.

Become a Smarter Bettor – How to betting advice, and tutorials

Check with a great online sportsbook for more great ways to play parlays. There are many ways to mix and match and at 100/1 why not jump in and make some serious cash? Most of the great online bookmakers have a “how to best section” check it out, have fun and win a pile.