Second Half Betting Value in College Football

Comparison of the two halves of a college football game is often night and day.  We have some coaches that go to the nth degree in micromanaging each game.  Others are more fly by the seat of their pants and are willing to use their troubleshooting skills on the field.  Each has distinct advantages for the sports bettor.  Our job is to find out which programs out there have these and the talent to make it be felt against their competition.  We have some such candidates and will demonstrate the criteria so you can find your own to bet on the second halves of college football games.

The Occasion

Remember Boise State in 2007 with the Statue of Liberty, hook and ladder, and the rest of the prepared plays to pull off the upset of mighty Oklahoma.  This mind for creativeness is now up in Washington.  He finally has the talent needed after his predecessors emptied the larders for the Huskies.  Chris Petersen is their coach and he has shown a lot of flair and willingness to run up the score against anyone.  Perfect candidate for second half wagering.  While some of the more traditional mindsets balk at piling it on, he will press the advantage for the full game in almost all circumstances.  His willingness to bury teams should be invested on when it is shown in games that he has the advantage at halftime.

Greatest Assistant in the Land

Love him or loathe him, Lane Kiffin is the man behind the Alabama offense.  With a fully stocked offensive line, he has helped Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide get where they are at. However, week three on September 17th has their biggest test outside of national championship games.  They travel to Ole Miss to avenge two straight losses to the Rebels.  This has them under considerable pressure to get the albatross off of their neck.  By the time the USC game is done in the first week, we will know what the Bama offense has to offer. Second half wager on this game is the ideal time to bet the Ole Miss game.  They will be willing to blow them out or will pull out all the stops to win the game if the outcome is in doubt.  Bama minus the points second half represents the period of biggest motivation for one of the most stable profit powerhouses in football.

That is the beauty of second half wager in college football.  Each conference large and small have their full share of gurus and workhorses that put in more hours than their competition.  Combine that with those that are not bothered by running up the score and you have ideal teams and coaches to tail for second half wagers.  It is the chance to increase profit if your first half bet went well or catch up and more if your team tanked in the opening minutes.  Good fortune in your second half college football betting patterns as they pay off in profit for those that find the favorable situations that are out there.