Price Per Head News: Call In Today To Kick Off The NFL Season For $3 Per Head

NFL Season is only weeks away and price per head agents should have a premium platform to manage their sportsbook.

An estimated ​90 billion dollars will be spent on football betting alone this year. Agents do not want to miss out on this amount of cash.

Having a ​premium platform will not only help with risk mitigation, but it helps ease the stress of subagent management for those master agents. With a fully customizable dashboard and side-by-side reporting, they’ll never miss whats happening.

Price per head agents should also jump on the best price out there. And, for only a limited time, PayPerHead is offering bookies their ​premium platform for only $3 per head.

Premium Features and Tools Include:

  • 24/7 Support via phone, email & chat and a dedicated account rep
  • Premium live wagering on over ​1000+ events
  • Real layoff account in order to balance your book
  • DDOS Protection offers the safest & most secure platforms in the industry
  • Settle Alert – Allows the agent to create a pre-settle to know when to needs to collect or pay a player before the limit is actually reached.
  • Hold Percentage – Gives a breakdown of all sports, leagues, period, bet types, bet counts, volume, wins, and losses for bookies to compare side-by-side. This can be used for leveraging and promoting games that make agents the most money.
  • The Mass Editing tool allows online bookies to set max betting limits on all players all at once, this time efficient tool helps to mitigate risk and adjust payouts.
  • And even more….

4 Steps To Get $3 Per Head

Step one – Call in to speak to a PayPerHead representative about their premium sportsbook software call-in deal. (1-888-978-0288)

Step two – The PayPerHead representative will start agents off with a ​free 7 day trial of their Prime Package​.

Step three- Within those 7 days, agents need to deposit $100 into their account to lock in $3 Per Head

Step four – Agents can start growing their sportsbook, and their bottom line, during the most anticipated sporting event of the year.

Become a PayPerHead Agent Today.

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PayPerHead has been in the business for nearly 20 years and has experience handicappers and representatives available to help online bookies succeed.

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