Popularity of Online Casinos in 2021 in Europe

With the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world changed their habits and the way they spend their free time. Since people’s movements are restricted and with lockdowns they are forced to stay indoors and choose entertainment that can be done within the four walls. 

Both video gaming and online gambling have seen a rise in players in 2020 and the trend seems to continue for 2021. We are discussing the trends online casinos in 2021 are likely to adapt with Szilvia Sultés, a Hungarian iGaming expert. You can read more about Szilvia if you click here

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming started to become a significant player in the gaming and gambling industries and in fact, in 2020 already more people play video games on their mobile phones than on console and PC together. The trend is the same for gambling. A quick slot spin or video poker game can be enjoyed while on the go or while watching TV.  

The best online casinos such as Unibet, who accepts players from Hungary, all offer a mobile-optimized version of most of their games so the user experience is just as great as it would be on a PC. 

5G internet is coming to Europe very fast and in certain cities it is quickly becoming the norm. With unlimited data packages and fast internet connections, the popularity of online gambling is undoubtedly going to grow. 

Live dealer games

Those people who enjoyed visiting brick-and-mortar casinos before the pandemic quickly turned to live dealer games and a great online casino will have these games available. When you play a live dealer game you feel almost like being in a land-based casino. You will have a real-time video connection to a casino room where an attractive male or female dealer will deal the cards, throw the dice or spin the roulette wheel. If you are playing alongside other players you can interact with them via text. 

As many people experience boredom and loneliness during lockdowns, participating in live dealer games can give a social and immersive experience that is so much better than playing solo games. Casinos in 2021 are certainly going to concentrate on their live dealer games and offer more choices of those to their customers.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has been around for a good few years but the price of the equipment is still quite prohibitive for it to become mainstream. So far only a couple of casinos offer VR games and you will have to have the headset before you can enjoy those. VR gives such an immersive gaming experience that it is worth the investment though. When players participate in VR games, they can walk around a virtual casino that appears in 3D. They can make hand gestures and they can read the body language of fellow players which makes a game of poker feel like being in a land-based casino. However, you can be in your underwear as nobody will actually see you. 

Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals

Blockchain technology is the safest and most transparent form of payment out there. In online casinos usually, the limits are higher if you pay in crypto and transaction fees are typically zero. It gives players anonymity as these payments will not show up on bank statements. If you are a Hungarian player you can convert your forints or euros to cryptocurrency easily on platforms like Revolut. Crypto payments are certainly the payments of the future and we are expecting to see more and more online casinos accepting these. 

Esports betting

When sports events were cancelled in 2020 virtual sports and esports events started to fill in the gaps. More and more people play video games and stream them on platforms like Twitch and tournaments like Dota 2 or CS: GO are very popular among bettors. The popularity of casinos has risen significantly during last year because of esports events and this trend is surely going to continue in 2021. 


Online casino trends are greatly affected by technological advances in blockchain and virtual reality as well as customer habits. Trends show that gamblers are using their mobile devices more and more and they are looking for social gaming experiences such as participating in live dealer games and watching esports tournaments.