Pay and Play at Its Best

The evolution of the new technology like the sophistication of the smart gadgets that we are using which is part of man’s lifestyle and the internet made our way of life fast-paced. Gambling on the internet is one of them and what makes it even faster is the fact that a player can wager on the new payment method.

What are Pay and Play?

Pay and play casinos are casinos that are played online without using the player’s account or registering. Players just have to log on to the online casino by  Pay N Play using their unique banking IDs, choose a game, make a payment then play. No commitments to the online site and less hassle. Its simplicity attracted not just the players but also notable casino sites so they also introduced this type of game in their menu to offer to their clients. Casinokekemus, a famous online site from Finland joined the bandwagon and introduced Pay n play kasinot which would surely delight their loyal clients as well as their new players.

A brief history of Pay N Play and Payment System

The online casino was first introduced in South Africa back in 1994 and the majority of payments were done manually. CryptoLogic, an online casino software provider introduced an integrated payment system in 1996 wherein gamblers can do all their monetary transactions from deposits, bets, and withdrawal.

Trustly Group

It was founded in 2008 by a Swedish fintech company. It is an open banking payment method and it allows customers to do all sorts of transactions including shopping, dining, and gambling without using your bank card or credit card.

Trustly also has access to other emerchants like Alibaba, Ebay, also Social Media such as Facebook as well as Paypal and in 2016, built a strong relationship with ecommerce using Pay N Play technology. Online gamblers can make a deposit and withdraw conveniently. This is called Trustly Casino. Unfortunately, not all are serviced by this type of ecommerce so one should verify first.


It is defined as a digital currency that functions as real money to be used in purchasing goods online or services in an electronic form. Bitcoin is considered the first and original cryptocurrency and is still the most trusted. Bitcoin accepts monetary transactions including gambling without including third parties.

Variety of games found in Pay N Play

Wagering using Pay N Play is as exciting as playing regular online gambling games more conveniently and efficiently. Pay N Play offers casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Live Casino, Video Poker, Baccarat, and Slot Machines. Pay N Play also has Sports Betting for sports enthusiasts who are always on the go.

Pros of Pay N  Play

  • It does not need registrations.
  • It is fast, efficient, and secure.
  • Players can enjoy bonuses.
  • Since this type of online casino game doesn’t have a membership, players can deactivate their accounts anytime. The good thing here is they can always go back and activate their account once more.
  • Clients will not receive annoying promotional emails or calls.
  • It does not require membership, no long-term commitment to the online casino so no strings attached.

Cons of Pay N Play

  • Limited incentives
  • Making a deposit is the only way.

Main Models of Pay N Play Casino

o          Pure Play N Play Model

It offers a unique login feature which is The BankId or the online banking credentials of the player can be used to log in, deposit, play, and withdraw funds. No account is to be used in this model. It has a special feature “continue playing?” to know if the player is still interested to play.

o          Hybrid Pay N Play Model

This type of model needs Bankid to be linked to an existing account to an existing account holder. If the player is new to this type of model, they have to register. It has no “continue playing feature” and if they wanted to continue playing, they need to make a deposit and abide by their payment methods.

Final Insight:

Pay N Play casino also has features that are very agreeable to casino online players who have a busy lifestyle. For new and interested players, it is imperative to review and check first before making a deposit.