Online Gaming Safety Basics for Every Player

Internet gambling has come a long way. The industry is one of the fastest growing, with casinos available to players globally. As casinos moved online, gambling became more accessible. You can find a gambling website almost anywhere in the world where the activity is legal. Even in regions where iGaming is illegal, free casino games and social casinos are present. The downside of this increased access is that internet casinos have become some of the biggest cyber crime targets. Gambling operators fall victim to various attacks, including DDoS, ransomware and phishing.

A cyber attack not only affects the business, but customers as well. Your information and money is at stake when playing online. A data breach could lead to your identity being stolen and wreaking havoc in your life. Therefore, it’s not enough for an operator to offer security, you must also know how to protect yourself. Some players don’t know much about online safety besides finding licensed casinos. So, learning some of the measures you can institute when gambling online is critical.

Only Use Licenced Sites

Never take casino licensing for granted. It’s one of the ways you can be certain you are playing on a legitimate platform. One approach cyber-criminals use to prey on gamblers is fraudulent websites. Some of the casinos you will find online are copies of legitimate platforms, designed to lure players. For example, a dubious site may have a name or URL that is similar to a popular casino. Players who don’t pay attention to details may end up on the website, exposing their data and funds. A licensed site provides some guarantees. Finding regulated casinos shouldn’t be an issue. Websites like Roulette.Guide have recommendations you can check out when searching for the best operators.

A registered online casino answers a regulator. Before issuing a license, a regulator tests an operator rigorously. Casinos have to prove they are legitimate businesses before receiving licenses. Jurisdictions such as the UK, Malta and Gibraltar have strict requirements about player security that operators must observe. Casinos must have basic protections such as website encryption. So, playing on registered platforms reduces the risk of falling prey to cyber-attacks.

Protect Your Account

As a player, you must do everything to ensure that your gambling experience is as safe as possible. You can’t rely only on the operator for that. Certain best practices on your end decrease the chances of bad actors taking advantage of your online activity. Protecting your casino account is one way to do that. The following tips can help with that.

Pick a Strong Password

Even with all the bad things that happen online, some users never take this tip seriously. It’s not uncommon to find online users with one password for multiple accounts. The idea behind sticking to a single password is making it easy to remember. However, the same reason makes accounts vulnerable. Hence, your casino password should be unique. Try to keep it random. Using familiar phrases or words simplifies work for hackers. Sometimes cyber-criminals quickly guess passwords because users stick to common patterns. Use a password manager is you need to track passwords for several accounts.

Leverage Two-Factor Authentication

If a gambling site has 2FA, then use it. This feature adds an extra security layer to your account. Two-factor verification requires more than your password for access. You have to complete an extra step, usually entering a code sent to your email or phone. So, even if your password is compromised, a bad actor would still need your email address or phone number to get into your account. Since the code is one-time, you don’t have to worry about someone else getting it if you lose your device. 2FA strengthens account security and reduces the risk of hackers stealing your credentials.

Choose Safe Payment Methods

How you deposit and withdraw at online casinos determines how vulnerable you are. Some banking options are safer than others for internet gambling. Credit cards, as popular as they may be, are some of the riskiest. If your card information falls into the wrong hands, you could lose your whole account. Linking your bank account to a gambling website is also dangerous.

Virtual cards are the best alternatives. An online credit card connects to a credit card account but not your main one. Hence, you create a wall that protects your primary account in the event of a data breach. Most virtual credit cards are single use, meaning it’s only valid for one transaction. The downside is that not all banks and financial institutions offer virtual credit card accounts. Another alternative is a reloadable debit card. You can use the card for casino deposits by topping it up with funds from your principal account. The security of virtual cards lies in the fact that they don’t expose your main card’s CVV/CVC code, expiry date or number.

Online gambling is a $100-billion market, which is part of the reason it’s such a ripe target for cyberattacks. Given the large amounts of cash and information online casinos handle, bad actors have enough motivation. So, practice basic security and make yourself an unattractive target for cybercrime.