Oakland A’s vs. New York Yankees – Big Betting Numbers for a Big Reason

The A’s will need every single batter on their lineup to make an impact tonight! This game is not going to be an easy one to win in the Bronx and you had better believe that Luis Severino will be ready. He has definitely had his share of ups and down this year and at the end of the day, he won 19 games. Not bad for going 5-6 after the All-Star break.

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Tonight, the Yankees are -170 on the money line and the run line sits at -1 ½ -110. The total is 8 ½ -110. The Yankees are not tearing it up when it comes to team batting average at .249, it’s solid, but not the best. Where they are tearing it up is in the RBI and home run categories. Once again, the Yankees are clutch and they figure out a way to come through when they need to get the job done.

The Yankees set an MLB record this year for the most homeruns in a season with 267! That’s a crazy stat and one that will figure to come into play tonight against a hodgepodge of A’s pitching. When a team is facing the like of the Yankees in a winner take all, one game, they had better be prepared with their best. Can the A’s outduel the Yankees hitting and can they do it by committee? It’s going to be extremely difficult.

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The Yankees have hit with abandon this year and their lineup included six players with more than 20 homers and 12 players with more than 10. With 1374 hits along with 821 RBI’s, every pitcher for the A’s had better be more than on their game, and in each inning.

Hendricks gets the start tonight and looks to go at least one inning and maybe two. This strategy has worked on some level for the A’s and the ERA in tow is beyond great at 1.86. However, they couldn’t find a way to get more than 4 wins against 5 losses in the month of September while utilizing this strategy.

The A’s are hitting .252 as a team and that’s just 3 points higher than the Yankees at .249. Remember this; the A’s play in the American League West. Now, this is not to minimize competition but one must bear in mind that Seattle and Anaheim are not the Red Sox! The Mariners started the season out very nicely but the Angels were never a factor and the Texas Rangers don’t even count!

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Khris Davis is big hitter with a very big stick, he must be a factor tonight against Severino. There are others on this roster that are well capable of coming up big such as Chapman, Piscotty, and Lowrie. The A’s have 227 homers as a team, that’s a very big number. These guys can hit the ball and they have played their butts off this season. They earned every single one of their 97 wins.

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At the end of the day, there is one factor that trumps any other factor in baseball, and that’s starting pitching. This has always been the truth and it will forever be the truth. In a one game, winner take all, there is simply no room for error. At -170, the Yankees are a big favorite and the Bronx is a big factor. But forget about the Bronx, even if this game was in Oakland, the Yankees would be a big favorite and for one reason; Luis Severino.

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Have fun with this one tonight and get your bets in early. Look for a great live line and consider the Yankees run line at -110. That’s the best number of the night. This game has all the earmarks of over the 8 ½ total at -110. The Yankees will be hard to beat and the “A’s strategy of “pitching by committee”; take your chances on Severino. In the case of Severino getting beat up early, Tanaka is in the well, along with Happ. Boone will do everything to win this one. Call the online bookie and get the money in.