NFL: How Player Injuries Can Affect Team Odds

Player injuries can always affect a team’s odds. Online bookies and per head agents should keep reading for examples in the below two NFL Week 6 games.

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Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

In the case of the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton is still in the NFL concussion protocol.

What that means is that Cam has to pass the concussion protocol in order to be cleared to play against the Saints in Week 6.

If Newton can’t play, New Orleans may end up as a -1-point or even -2-point favorite at home.

Carolina went off as a -5.5 home favorite against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Derek Anderson as their QB. Anderson threw 2 picks and the Bucs upset the Panthers 17 to 14 on the moneyline.

If Cam does pass the concussion protocol, Carolina could be up to a -3 road favorite over New Orleans in Week 6.

NY Jets at Arizona Cardinals

In the case of the Arizona game, there are two injuries that odds makers are waiting to see about.

The first injury, the most important injury, is with Arizona Cardinals’ QB Carson Palmer. Palmer is listed as probable for the Monday night game against the Jets.

He has been cleared via the NFL’s league-mandated concussion protocol.

The other injury that odds makers are waiting to hear about has to do with Jets’ CB Darrelle Revis.

If Revis doesn’t play, Arizona is going to be a 1 or possibly 1.5 point bigger favorite at home against the Jets on Monday night.

Why it Matters to Online Bookies

In both cases, odds makers pulled the lines on those games because they are not sure if all 4 starting quarterbacks will start.

A good rule of thumb for online bookies and pay per head agents is this: any injury to any starting quarterback could lead to an entire switch in favoritism from one team to another.

Any injury to any other significant player could swing the point spread from 1 to 2.5 points.

There’s more involved in determining a point spread than just injuries: home or away, where casual bettors might go as opposed to pro bettors, weather, etc.

But injuries, specifically to starting NFL quarterbacks, can go a long way in determining the odds on a team.

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