NFL 2019/2020 Season by the Odds

There is no doubt that this season will bring many excitements and great matches. The teams in the NFL are more motivated than ever to be crowned champions and they are really working very hard to be the best. Last year’s Super Bowl didn’t meet the fans’ expectations, which is why the teams are eager to prove themselves and shine a new light into the eyes of the people watching them.

Because American football fans love betting on games as much as gambling on slots, we are going to give you some of the best odds for which you can wage your knowledge. Here are some of the most likely Conference winners and teams that are the biggest favorites to win the Super Bowl LIV, as well as a little extra.

AFC Winner

New England Patriots are the number 1 favorites to win the AFC. Their odds are +163. Right behind them, we have Kansas City Chiefs with odds sitting at +260. Los Angeles Chargers and Cleveland Browns share the third spot as the most likely winners. Their odds are +800. Baltimore Ravens grab the 4th spot with odds sitting at +900. Houston Texans are in the number 5 spot with odds coming at +1200. Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills are also high on the list. They have the same odds, +2500.

NFC Winner

The NFC will surely be entertaining this season. Los Angeles Rams are the biggest favorites to win the National Football Conference with odds sitting +450. The New Orleans Saints are right behind them, their odds are +500. Philadelphia Eagle and Dallas Cowboys are in the third spot with the same odds, +650. Green Bay Packers are 4th with +600 and Chicago Bears close the top 5 list. Bears’ odds are +1000. Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and San Francisco 49ers are on the 6th spot with odds coming at +1200.

Super Bowl LIV Winner

Finally, we get to the most desired thing. The teams are under great pressure to do the best they can if they want to overthrow the shadow from last year’s Super Bowl. New England Patriots are most likely to come out as winners. Their odds are +333. Next up, we have Kansas City Chiefs with odds coming at +700. Los Angeles Rams are third with +900 and Philadelphia Eagles are 4th with +1400. Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers share the same odds with Philadelphia Eagles. Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens have odds sitting at +2000.

MVP Winner

If you are not too sure on the possible winner this season, don’t worry, there are open bets as to who will be the MVP this year. Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are leading the pack as favorites for the MVP award. Mahomes’ odds are +250, while Tom Brady’s odds are +700. Aaron Rodgers is at the third spot with +1000, and Lamar Jackson is 4th. His odds are +1200. At the 5th spot, we have Carson Wentz with odds coming +1400.