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NFL Betting – The NFC South Is Wide Open in 2012, Or Is It?

If you bet on sports and you are a fan of an NFL team in the NFC South, then you are probably wondering what will happen when the season kicks off for 2012. Some teams look like they have made significant improvements, while others look to be in big trouble. As we look over the teams in the NFC South, the best online sportsbook experts would like to think that they have a good grasp on what is going to happen. But until the season actually kicks off, it is difficult to put your finger on the pulse of the NFC South.

Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons are not a team that is torn apart by turmoil, nor is it a team that is the midst of a successful rebuilding project. By a process of elimination, that means that the Atlanta Falcons start the 2012 season as the favorite to win the NFC South. But the best online betting sites know that this is not going to be a slam dunk for the Falcons. Atlanta still has some gaping holes to fill on defense that have been causing the team problems for two years now. Quarterback Matt Ryan has so many fourth quarter comebacks because his defense puts him in that position way too often. But the Falcons will pull out enough wins to take the NFC South and get back into the playoffs. From there, it is difficult seeing the Falcons going very far.
Predicted Finish: First

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucs really did make a lot of good personnel moves in free agency and the draft. Bringing in wide receiver Vincent Jackson was only the beginning. The Buccaneers made the wise move of bringing in better offensive lineman to block for quarterback Josh Freeman. But the Bucs still have a questionable running game and they are a young team that has a lot of work to do. But the Buccaneers’ fans should be excited at the prospects that their team brings for the next few years.
Predicted Finish: Second

New Orleans Saints
The online sports book experts are thinking that it will be a battle between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers to see who will occupy the NFC South basement. The difference is that the Saints are headed down while the Panthers are on the rise. There is just too much adversity for the Saints to be competitive in 2012. When you add in the fact that quarterback Drew Brees may not start the preseason, then you have a Saints team that has become marksmen at shooting themselves in the collective foot.
Predicted Finish: Third

Carolina Panthers
The 2012 season will be the last season that the Panthers occupy the NFC South basement for a while. The only reason that the Panther are projected to finish last is because the team has not made enough moves to surround quarterback Cam Newton with the players he needs to win. Once the roster starts to get enhanced, the Panthers will start rising to the top of the division.
Predicted Finish: Fourth


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