NBA Finals Game 5 Preview – Golden State Warriors Vs. Toronto Raptors

Out of gas? It’s win-or-go home as the Warriors hit the road for game five against the Raptors. The Warriors have seen a mountain of success over the past five years and of course, they don’t want it to slip away tonight. The one thing the Warriors have is stats, they have a pile of them and one that might come in handy tonight. The Warriors finished the regular season with the NBA’s best record on the road (27-14) and 7-3 in this years playoffs. The Warriors have been here before and from a fans view, it’s easy to have faith. Form a bettors view, well maybe not so fast. This team has been sold by us and sold by everyone throughout the playoffs. The way in which they handled their business against Portland made us all believers, not that we were ever unbelievers. This is the Warriors were talking about here and there is a reason to believe, just how far does the faith go? Look at the betting options close, the online sportsbooks are running scared and show no confidence whatsoever in Toronto. The Warriors team total is the play in this one.

Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors Preview and Predictions

The Warriors are human after all and it showed on Friday night when they scored 92 points at home. That’s a beatdown when were talking about the highest scoring team in the NBA. Toronto has stepped it up defensively and improved in the playoffs from near 106 points allowed, (reg. season, 5th overall) to near 103 points allowed, (playoffs). The matchups for the Warriors have been tough and without their superstar and one of the premier superstars of the NBA-Kevin Durant, this team is simply not the same. For all of those KD haters and doubters, here’s your sign; 3-1.

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One thing we don’t know; who’s going to win this game tonight? You came here to find out who we think will win and after the first-four; we have no idea! Really… We are betting the team total OVER. Golden State played very well on offense Friday night and they were taken to the woodshed for one reason… Turnovers, 19 of them. They will not do it twice. Golden State may well lose this NBA Championship tonight, it won’t be a surprise if they do. We predicted seven games and we may still get it. Nothing from the Warriors will be a surprise as well, however, this one is in Toronto and that place will be abuzz with electricity. The fans feel it, everyone feels it—this is when the Warriors play their best! Watch out, this one could come back. The Warriors have been down 3-1 before and backdoored the Oklahoma Thunder.

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We will take the over on the Warriors for two reasons; 14-21 from the charity stripe-in their own house, it won’t happen again, and 19 turnovers, it won’t happen twice. This team could very well win, or they could very well lose and same goes for the Raptors. The can win or just as easily lose and send it back to the bay. Find a great online bookie that’s offering live lines as well as team totals and get in for what could be the last NBA game of the 2018-19 season.

Prediction: Warriors (Over)Team Total