NBA All-Star Game MVP Odds

The NBA season has reached its mid-point in the 2015-16 season and its time for the All-Star festivities. The action begins on Friday night with the Rising Stars Challenge and the Celebrity Game. Saturday night will be the skills competition including the Slam Dunk contest. Below are a few of the odds and props for the entire NBA All-Star weekend from Toronto. All odds courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook.

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Odds to win 2016 NBA All Star Game MVP

Stephen Curry (WEST)                   +300

LeBron James (EAST)                      +600

Kevin Durant (WEST)                      +650

Russell Westbrook (WEST)           +700

Kobe Bryant (WEST)                       +700

James Harden (EAST)                     +1600

Kyle Lowry (EAST)                            +1800

DeMar DeRozan (EAST)                 +1800

Kawhi Leonard (WEST)                  +2000

Paul George (EAST)                         +2000

Klay Thompson (WEST)                 +2200

John Wall (EAST)                              +2200

Anthony Davis (EAST)                    +2500

Draymond Green (WEST)             +2500

DeMarcus Cousins (WEST)           +3000

Carmelo Anthony (EAST)              +3000

Chris Paul (WEST)                             +4000

Isaiah Thomas (EAST)                     +5000

Chris Bosh (EAST)                             +5000

Dwyane Wade (EAST)                    +5000

LaMarcus Aldridge (WEST)           +5000

Pau Gasol (EAST)                              +6000

Paul Millsap (EAST)                          +7500

Andre Drummond (EAST)             +7500


Odds to win 2016 NBA Skills Competition

Isaiah Thomas (BOS)                       +240

C.J. McCollum (POR                        +350

Draymond Green (GSW)                +400

Patrick Beverley (HOU)                 +650

Jordan Clarkson (LAL)                     +650

DeMarcus Cousins (SAC)              +1000

Anthony Davis (NOH)                     +1200

Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)         +1500


Odds to win 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Zach LaVine (MIN)                           -300

Aaron Gordon (ORL)                      +400

Will Barton (DEN)                             +550

Andre Drummond (DET)                 +850


Odds to win 2016 NBA Three-Point Contest

Stephen Curry (GSW)                    EVEN

Klay Thompson (GSW)                   +400

JJ Redick (LAC)                                 +500

Devin Booker (PHO)                       +750

Kyle Lowry (TOR)                            +1000

James Harden (HOU)                     +1200

Khris Middleton (MIL)                    +2000

Chris Bosh (MIA)                              +3000


Who will socre first in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game?

Drake                                    +250

José Bautista                      +250

Milos Raonic                      +300

Stephan James                 +550

Jonathan Scott                 +650

Win Butler                           +800

Drew Scott                          +1000

Kris Wu                                 +1000


Who will socre first in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game?

Kevin Hart                           -150

Anthony Anderson         +350

Nick Cannon                       +350

Jason Sudeikis                   +500

Joel David Moore             +850

Marc Lasry                          +1000


Odds to win 2016 NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP

Andrew Wiggins (WORLD)           +250

Karl-Anthony Towns (USA)          +450

Kristaps Porzingis (WORLD)         +650

Jahlil Okafor (USA                           +800

Jordan Clarkson (USA)                   +1200

D’Angelo Russell (USA)                  +1200

Rodney Hood (USA)                       +1200

Emmanuel Mudiay (WORLD)      +1600

Zach LaVine (USA)                           +1800

Elfrid Payton (USA)                         +2000

Bojan Bogdanovic (WORLD)        +2500

Trey Lyles (WORLD)                        +2500

Raul Neto (WORLD)                        +2500

Nikola Jokic (WORLD)                     +2500

Jabari Parker (USA)                         +2500

Mario Hezonja (WORLD)               +3500

Marcus Smart (USA)                       +3500

Dwight Powell (WORLD)                +3500

Clint Capela (WORLD)                     +3500

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