Most Widely Spread Slot Myths

As soon as something becomes super popular, everybody starts talking about it. We all know that word-of-mouth can have double effects. Although it helps you get to know something you didn’t know before, having too many intermediaries can distort the truth.

This has happened with slots at too. Once got their potential, people started to spread information on how to cheat their mechanisms.  Some of these methods worked for a while. Some other false beliefs didn’t find fertile ground, so they soon disappeared. Let’s see the ten most widely spread slot myths. 

Mind the slot location 

A popular myth is that the location where slots are placed inside the casino is not chosen randomly. The video machines located in busy areas generally pay you less often than those located in isolated places. 

Play only on certain days 

Another popular belief is that the days of the week (and the hours of the day) influence the result of your game. According to this, you should avoid playing at weekends and prefer weekdays. 

Pull the lever 

How do you usually get your game started? Do you pull the lever or push the spin button? Although it may sound like an insignificant decision, according to some players, this matter. Pulling the lever indeed is meant to enhance your chances of winning.

Ask for the help of the staff 

The staff inside a casino can be very useful to help you find the right slot machines to bet on. Don’t underestimate their power.  

Avoid bonuses 

Another popular misconception states that when you use bonus offers, you win less money. Then, to win a conspicuous amount of money, you should avoid making use of casino incentives. 

There are winning cycles 

Another popular belief is that slot machines respect a cycle that generally lasts one month. If a game has just paid another player, stay away from it. The truth is that they work according to a system called Random Number Generator. The recurrence they pay players is random and cannot be predicted in advance. 

Choose slots that haven’t paid for a while 

In line with the previous myth, you should choose slot machines that haven’t paid for a while.

Mind the temperature of your coins 

Some players think that external factors like the temperature of the coins change the destiny of a game. Actually, slots aren’t able to detect these factors. Then, don’t waste your time warming up coins or trying to make them colder, stay focused on the game instead. 

Slots payout ratio changes  

According to some players, casinos change slots payout ratio deliberately. Again, there are no external factors that can influence the way these machines work.   

You don’t need to stay focused 

The fact that slot machines are not affected by any external phenomena has led many players to think they don’t require any concentration. This is not true. Each game has its rules and paying icons. You should know the game main features before playing it. This requires you to stay concentrated.