Mauricio Pochettino: Football Is Not Everything

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Mauricio Pochettino is a wide-known person in football circles who don’t need to be represented. His football talks shape the reason for each one of his discussions, each of the activities he makes, any of his life decisions, everything is connected with football life. No wonder, you will hardly find such an enthusiastic sports expert. It is generally thought that the large majority of punters who enjoy the sports betting available for football will quickly realize, although the Tottenham supervisor is among the high-ranking managers in the world of football sports and not just an admiring spectator. It took him only three and a half years he has been controlling the squad, and the genius guy from Argentina has managed to lead the Spurs to 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in the Premier League, all while also raising new generation of top prospect players, including talented Harry Kane, Eric Dier, Dele Alli.

Getting Balance is Not that Easy as it May Seem

Pochettino is known to be a competitive personality, since his childhood, playing with his brothers, friends. At that time, being a child he wasn’t aware of his ambitions, but he has always struggled for his ideals and dreams and made an idol of no one but himself. Argentinian added that he still, considerably, continuous to lead the same way of life, and although he had quite a wide round of duties now, his dreams still lead him to where he deserves to be. Once in one interview, he mentioned that he was a fortunate soul because his family also adores The Beautiful Game at New Casino Games.

via Hotspur Related on Twitter

His Spouse Means a Lot

Pochettino once told that his spouse had considerably influenced his state of mind after the games, sometimes counseling, and sometimes criticizing. He doesn’t hide that he even became sad about it but realizes that listening to another point of view is important as well and that this can help you become more powerful. Pochettino has always struggled to find engagements that take football off his mind, and notwithstanding he made efforts, with traveling, reading books, fishing and such, the game has always been on his mind.

It’s More Painful to Lose Now

Pochettino has always considered that losing games is much more difficult for a coach than for a player. In this matter he says that all his efforts are aimed at supporting the players, how to encourage the team, and, when things go wrong, he usually blame s himself, although in most of the cases the players feel more pressure than himself. He said very often that his duty was more in conveying a good job and that he had to concentrate his attention on the idea that football is a game that brings delight. There are no talks about his retirement as on today or changing his position in any way.

His Family Weighs In

Pochettino became a father at 22-years old, that’s considerably a young age for a fatherhood. When he signed with Espanyol in 1994, there already were three of them in the family. His first son was born in Barcelona on a cold January of 1995. He remembers this time as one of his fondest experiences, and he is calm that his kids will never be his friends and that he managed to give them the best in their childhood that he could. He sees the relationship as ultimately between a parent and a child. He states that friendship is absolutely inappropriate in the relation of parents with kids.