Matched Betting Vs. Arbitrage Betting: What’s Better?

It isn’t always easy to figure out how to bet in a way that maximizes your resources and chances of winning. The two betting strategies—matched betting and arbitrage betting—each have its benefits and drawbacks. You may find that only one of these options works for you.

Discover which one is the best option for you to take next.

What’s the Difference Between Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting?

Both tactics share an emphasis on profit maximization. The bookies provide an opportunity that will result in an assured financial gain if taken advantage of.

However, it’s hard to refuse when a bookmaker rewards your deposits with a free bet or bonus.

If you’re a typical bettor, this bonus offer means you get extra cash to use in the game. But any smart gambler knows this is a safe bet at

Compare and contrast matched betting with arbitrage betting, and you’ll see the following benefits:

Learning Difficulty

You can grasp the fundamentals of matched betting in as little as an hour. A person can learn nearly all they need to know to make money with it in the long run in a short amount of time, say, one to two days of practice.

Yet, you’ll just have to put up a small sum in matched betting. The learning curve for sure betting is much steeper than that of matched betting or arbitrage betting. You’ll need a greater comprehension of probability theory.

Arbitrage betting, in contrast to arbing, features odds that change more rapidly. By placing your initial bets on the overpriced outcomes, you can eliminate the chance of a lesser loss while still learning to recognize trends and influencing factors.

Time Invested in Working

The more time and effort you put into matched betting, the higher your potential earnings. Using this method, though, you can avoid sitting in front of the computer the whole day. Even if you can only work on the weekends due to other commitments, you can still generate money.

Having done both matched betting and arbitrage betting, I can say that the latter is a full-time occupation. If you want to earn a living off of sure betting, you’ll have to spend a lot of time in front of your computer monitoring the odds and seizing opportunities that arise and vanish in the blink of an eye.

Sure, betting requires a higher time investment, even when employing arbitrage betting software.

What is More Profitable?

In most cases, the wagering requirements for deposit bonuses can be easily met with matched betting. Many novice matched bettors, however, also prioritize other bonus offers like free bets and recharge incentives.

You need to make two wagers at the bonus bookmaker and cover both with a different bookmaker, such as Betfair or Pinnacle.

After reaching these milestones, all that’s left to do to withdraw your earnings is to provide the necessary documentation to validate your KYC (Know Your Customer) status.

Earning $600 to $1,000 a month with matched betting is simple at first.

What Exactly Is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is used in many industries, from finance and gaming to foreign exchange and retail. By taking advantage of disparities in two marketplaces’ prices, rates, or odds, arbitrage allows for a potential financial gain.

Buying something at a deep discount from an online store and reselling it for a profit is a simplified example of this practice commonly seen online. The term “financial arbitrage” refers to buying a security on one market and then selling it on another for a profit.

Rather than relying on the market’s natural ebb and flow, this method takes advantage of price differences between different markets and platforms, making it distinct from the traditional “buy low, sell high” approach.

Betting markets outside of sports typically use odds, making arbitrage a prevalent problem for online casinos.

What’s Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting, sometimes known as “surebets” or “sure bets,” is a way to guarantee a profit by placing bets with multiple bookmakers on opposite outcomes of the same event.

As arbing is not gambling but rather based on mathematical calculations, an arber can post odds on all possible outcomes with numerous bookmakers and still come out ahead.

This strategy requires a high starting capital outlay or many smaller bets that add up to a significant sum relatively fast (98% of arbs yield less than 1.2%).

Arbing is a sort of hedging in which one bet on an outcome on one exchange while betting against it on another. Betting arbitrage possibilities arise frequently but are short-lived. Therefore most consumers rely on a dedicated monitoring service to keep track of them.

Arbers are a loss-making proposition for bookmakers in every instance. If they discover an account engaging in this practice, they will either void the wagers or close the account permanently.


Because of matched betting, you can avoid betting on typically pricey markets.

Most people seeking bonuses seek betting possibilities when a pair of bets loses less than 0%.

When engaging in matched betting can help your money go further. Yet, Arbitrage betting is a challenging field that calls for several wagers at incorrect odds and hefty stakes.

Accounts used for this betting will be restricted far more quickly than those used for matched betting.