Joo Casino: A Scam or Not?

The growing popularity of gambling in Australia and the CIS countries has attracted to the sphere of gambling crooks who want to profit at the expense of inexperienced users. The prohibition of land and online casinos, it seems, have further inflamed the desire of users to bypass the blocking, and then play in spite of everything. Therefore, often beginners now and then go to a resource-one-day, lose money, and then write angry reviews on the thematic sites.In the general hysteria under the hot hand fall proven online casinos like Joo Casino. Many people even call the game club as a scam. But is it really so? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Arguments of players for the fact that Joo Casino is a scam

Now it’s easy to see reviews on forums about how the institution cheated them, not giving them a line, squeezed the bonus game or didn’t make the payment at all. Practice shows that, more often than not, users simply exaggerate information or understate important points. When the casino’s staff become involved in the discussion, new facts begin to emerge: a person did not play with his account or make a deposit on the wrong card; send not their own documents; have multiple accounts with active bonuses.

To avoid such unpleasant moments – we recommend that before registering an account, always read the terms and conditions carefully. B them says what you can do and what you can not.

You see, when you take credit in a bank, always read the contract before you put your signature. Likewise need to do so before starting to play in a casino.

Proof that the casino Joo Casino is not a scam

Why accusations of slots rigging are unfounded?

Often you can see reviews of players who write “the slots do not give”, “gobbles all the money in one round” and so on. For licensed casinos (Joo Casino belongs to such category of gambling clubs) such accusations sound farfetched. If you can’t catch a high multiplier while playing at a casino, it doesn’t mean the slots are rigged. It only means that at this point in time you’re just plain unlucky.

Bce slot machines are supplied to Joo Casino some companies. Some of them (NetEnt and Microgaming) are licensed in almost 10 different jurisdictions, which check the fairness of the payouts and returns;

All gambling games are run on the servers of the software providers. Neither the management nor the staff of Joo Casino can access them.

Arguments in defense of Joo Casino or why Joo Casino is not a scam

Of course, that’s not the case at all. The fact that Joo Casino is a proven institution has some strong evidence:

  • The presence of a license Curacao – Yes. 
  • The system of SSL-encryption on the site;
  • Macca positive reviews on forums;
  • Experience, reputation, and trust of most customers;
  • Joo Casino has been successfully operating since 2014 and has not been involved in major scandals. The owner of the institution is a company that operates two other popular brands: Casino-X and Champion Casino. These resources are also notable for their honesty, reliability.

Moreover, at the time of launch on the Australian market of online gambling games “ruled” script brands like Vulkan, which use unlicensed software and which can really tweak the payoff of slot machines. Notably, Joo Casino was promoted at the expense of its honesty.


No one is saying that the work of Joo Casino is perfect. In any activity there is a place for misfires and failures that contribute to negative reviews. But they don’t make the operator a fraud.