How To Get Into Competitive Shooting?

If you love shooting but are tired of shooting in fire ranges and want to try some new experience other than hunting, we might have a solution to your problem. If your daily shooting routine is getting boring, you should consider getting into competitive shooting. I know what you’re thinking. You are doubtful because of the word “competitive,” right? Well, don’t be. 

If you love shooting and you are willing to improve your self-discipline and shooting skills, then you should be just fine in competitive shooting. There are a lot of benefits when you want to enter the world of competitive shooting. Shooting competitions will allow you to enjoy shooting, improve your skills, and be known by many shooters, hunters, and gun enthusiasts, depending on your performance. Competitive shooting can also give you more knowledge about the different hunting gears, weapon accessories, and equipment once you consider joining competitive shooting. 

Once you’ve gotten into competitive shooting, you can now pinpoint which gun and accessories work well with each other. Scopes, for example, are one of the accessories you need to consider. Venom and RMR model differences, along with other great models, have their own strengths and features to make shooting more comfortable. Now, are you interested in competitive shooting? If you are, here are some steps on how you can get started with competitive shooting.

1.What type of shooting match you want to join

The first thing that you must think of is what type of shooting match you will participate in. But I have to warn you, the list of competitive shooting games is long, and there are also traditional shooting disciplines. 

Choosing the type of competition will surely eat up all of your time because the list goes on from A-Z. But if you ask for some recommendations, the three common shooting competition types are the pistol, rifle, and shotgun competition. 

2.Consider which firearm you are comfortable using

In choosing what type of competitive shooting you want to participate in, you could also consider what type of firearm you are always using. By doing this, your entry would not be difficult because you won’t need to buy a new gun for the competition. 

It is also practical to consider your comfortable gun when you choose the type of competition you want. Imagine, if you are a swimmer, will you join the competition for arts and design even if there is a swimming competition? The same goes for shooting competitions. If you are used to using handguns and pistols, you should join the pistols category for your first competitive shooting experience. 

When you are already an experienced competitive shooter, then you can try the different types of games. But when you are still getting started, it is best to go for the gun that you are comfortable with.

3.Train for the competition

After choosing the type of competition you want to participate in, the next thing to do is train. If you have chosen the pistol type, then practice your shooting on shooting ranges. If you chose the rifle type, practice some long-distance shooting and enhance your aim and accuracy. 

If you chose the shotgun type, go to some clay target shooting programs and practice your shotgun aim. Be prepared and let the whole world witness your shooting skills.

4.Get information

After picking the type and doing your training, the next thing you should do is look for some local clubs nearest to your location, which holds these types of shooting competitions, or organizes the match you chose. 

Know what are the things that you must do to join the matches and interact with the local community. After joining the group, check for the events or matches for your type of shooting. If there is a pistol competition in 3 days and you choose a pistol competition, then you better be prepared and get ready for your first experience.

As you can see, competitive shooting is not that difficult to do. You just have to offer your time, devote yourself to shooting, follow these steps, and you’ll get into competitive shooting in no time.