“Golden State” Beat “Houston” in the First Match of the Western Conference Finals

The first match of the finale of the Western Conference took place in the Houston. However, the local team could not oppose the current champion “Golden State”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_State_Warriors).

Everything in the game was decided in the second half of the match. Moreover, the teams left with the same score at the long break during the match. If the first quarter, “Houston” won with a difference of one point 30:29, then this insignificant advantage was overcome before the siren 56:56. Although “Rockets” began to play good, already from the start leading 6:0, and then increasing his advantage to +9 (21:12 and 23:24). But three exact three-pointer equalized this difference at the end of the first quarter.

But the guests came forward in the second quarter and almost the entire 12-minute “Houston” was in the role of catching-up. Also, he remained in this role in the third quarter of the match and didn’t come forward.

However, James Harden tried to save his team (41 points in total), to oppose to Kevin Durant (37 points), Clay Thompson (28 points) and Stephen Curry (18 points), in the end, he and his team could not do anything. By the way, James Harden scored 41 points per game but his team lost to “Golden State”. The basketball players should always be in the shape and to have high endurance indicators. It is well known that a lot of athletes use different bodybuilding supplements (https://anabolicenergy.com/nandrolone-decanoate-injections-bulking-cycle) which keep these indicators in a good condition.

The beginning of the fourth quarter somewhat returned the intrigue to the game when “Houston” spent two successful attacks and reduced the gap to two points – 85:87. However, the guests very quickly returned to the game under their control. Plus 9 points and the same advantage on average throughout the whole quarter. The final siren recorded the victory of “Golden State” 106:119.

“Houston” – “Golden State” 106:119 (30:29, 26:27, 24:31, 26:32). Account in 0:1 series.

The second match between these teams will take place on May 16 at the area of “Houston”.