Five Top Casino Gambling Tips and Strategies

Casino gambling is addictive because it’s a lot of fun. The key is understanding how to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you. When you have some of the best tips on hand, you’ll not only be able to enjoy yourself more, but you’ll also avoid some of the most challenging situations that leave people walking away (willingly or by force) from the games they love.

Here are the top 5 casino gambling tips and strategies you can put to use right now, whether you’re going online to play or heading to a local casino. If you plan on gambling online, provides a one-stop solution that’ll help you determine the best places to play.


Tip 1: Get the most bang for your buck.

That means when you’re at a new online casino site or at a casino you’ve never been to before, they will probably extend some free comps. This will usually be in free playing money, but you can’t just go cash it out (you need to play that money fully, but you can cash out any winnings, even if that equals more than they gave you).

It could also be for food or drinks. Make sure you take full advantage of the comps the casino is offering. If they are providing a full all you can eat buffet for dinner for just $5, forget eating at home; you’ll get far more for your money if you take advantage of that.

Tip 2: Know your limits.

Don’t spend more than you can comfortably lose. It’s best to take cash with you and leave all your debit/ATM or credit cards at home. If you leave them hidden in your car you may have the desire to go out when you’re not having much luck (because you’ll always believe ‘the next hand’ or ‘the next pull’ is going to be the ‘winnner’).

Tip 3: Steer clear of the bright, flashing slots or tables.

Casinos understand psychology well. They know the bright flashing lights attract attention. That might be tempting, but there’s a reason to avoid them … they often have the worst odds of winning.

Instead, focus on new games or those that have had consistent odds through the years.

Tip 4: Be prepared to win big.

If you win a big jackpot, the casino is going to require personal tax information and they may even withhold that money directly. If you can’t prove who you are or that your tax ID is accurate and legitimate, you may have to wait until you can return with that information.

Just be sure to secure that information so it isn’t stolen from you while you’re working toward that big win.

Tip 5: Know the games.

You may not know the games, their odds, or what’s needed, and while that’s not a big deal with slots, it’s essential for others. Take some time and observe. See how the game is played, understand the odds, and when you’re comfortable with it all, step on up.