FanDuel FFS Strategy Guide to Help You Win More!

In the UK, FanDuel has introduced a new option to fantasy football (FFS) fans. Getting involved in fantasy sports leagues can completely transform the way people enjoy and even root for their favorite teams and athletes. It can also turn someone from being a tepid fan or even from loathing a particular team or player to rooting for them.

Yeah, it changes everything.


To be successful within fantasy leagues, it’s important to have the right strategies in place. Here we highlight a few that will help you get started and maximize your enjoyment of this thrilling activity. When you’re just starting out, though, a football draft guide can help you understand the players and best options available to you.

First, learn about deadlines.

Just as there are deadlines for actual sports teams to trade and acquire new players, there are deadlines for fantasy league team owners. You need to select 11 players for your team by a specific timeframe. There will only be starters allowed on the team (you won’t have substitutes), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a real-life sub player as a starter on your team … you would need to be sure they are exceptional as a sub, otherwise they can’t possibly earn points for your team.

Next, know the actual lineups of the teams.

While many of the FFS teams don’t change their lineups a lot, they do alter them depending on injuries, their opponent, and other factors. Keep an eye out for any lineup changes that could potentially land one or more of your key starters on the real-life bench.

Learn about scoring.

Before building your team, it’s recommended that you understand how FanDuel matches are scored. Goalkeepers are the only ones on your team that will benefit from a clean sheet, earning up to 10 points for shutouts. They also earn three points for every save.

Clearances, Blocks, and Interceptions (CBI) are vital to know about when it comes to building your defense. Clearances earn 1 point, blocks earn 2 points, and an interception nets you 1.5 points.

For offense, 15 points are available for a goal and 7 points are earned with an assist. There are other points that can be earned, including for 5 successive passes, tackles, and even for fouls drawn.

What about player pricing?

This will fluctuate from week to week, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to performance, keep a close eye on your budget, and try to build the best complement of talent that will maximize your points earned.

As with real football, defense is where your primary focus should start and build your team around the best defenders (and goalkeeper) you can find.