Discover the Different Types of Online Bingo Games

When you hear about online bingo games, you imagine a group of people having bingo cards and a table in front of them, a caller announcing numbers like B7, K1 and the players dab the numbers on their card. Once a player finishes a row of 5 bingo marks he/she yells “BINGO” and wins. This though is somewhat right, but there are many other different bingo games and will show you exactly how many there are.  The amazing thing about online bingo games is the variation in the game that makes it more interesting and makes you excited to play. It’s not like this will be tough to play with all these variations, but it provides you more chances to win. It’s just to keep you excited and more interested in the game.

Here we are sharing the details of the best online bingo games:

Variation of 5 in a Row Rule

This is the most traditional way to play bingo games, as this is the way you play in a bingo hall. In this, it’s not necessary to make a row of 5  squares. There is much other variation to the 5-in-a-row rule. In this rule, you can win by creating a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You can also win by a winner’s circle pattern, creating a cross or by creating all four corners of the bingo card, depending on the game rules that you’ve decided.

Pattern Bingo Games

This is the variation of the basic bingo game that makes it more exciting to play. In this game, the caller chooses a different and unique pattern and announces it to the player. For winning the game one has to make the pattern fast. The most interesting thing about the pattern bingo is that most of the patterns will be new to the players. You can also choose the common patterns like “hangman ” and “A”.

Full House Bingo Pattern:

In this online bingo game, the prize is given to the player who manages to create and complete a very well known as a full house bingo pattern. To win this game, as the name suggests, the player has to mark off all the numbers on one single ticket.

One To Go Bingo Pattern

In some bingo games, an additional  pattern is called a one to go pattern. It is also like a consolation prize provided to the players after the winner has won the game. This opportunity is given to the player who has left only a single number on their bingo cards.

30-Ball Bingo

The 30-ball bingo game is also called as “Speed Bingo”. The game is played on a 3*3 card and the caller announces the number between 1 to 30. It’s the game that can be played within a minute or less and in this game you still have equal and better chances. You can win this game by creating a full house.

So, these are some new and interesting patterns that you can start playing if you are bored of playing the same bingo games again and again. Try out these games and do share your thoughts.