Craziest Gambles of All Time

Who are the most famous and craziest gambles of all time who showed an incredible game at the tables with green cloth? Who almost every time surprised his bluffs, composure, incredible rates or crazy folds of all the spectators? We decided to make a list of the five best players in the entire history of poker, about whom they are beginning to speak less and less, but they can rightly be called legends of this card game.

From saloons to casinos, from Vegas to online gambling has evolved dramatically over the past 50 years, and today the competition in gambling devices, for example lightning link slot machine online, is much more serious, as the number of professionals every year becomes more and more, and poker is constantly growing. But even today, the names of legends slip, about which we will tell you in the article below.

Top 5 of famous gamblers

  1. Carrie Parker – is an Australian tycoon publisher, and probably by a large margin leader on the list of the greatest gamblers of all time. In 1999, in the MGM casino, he won 33 million in a short period, and after 3 weeks there he lost 28 million. He, of course, made a profit of 5 million, but could not stop earlier. So much for the great title of “Gambler of All Time” contributed another story that happened to Carrie. Like in the Stratosphere casino, he offered one Texas oil tycoon, who boasted that he could put up to $ 60 million on the line, throw a coin and determine the winner so much big bet. “Yet for me this is a 50% chance of winning $ 60 million,” he commented on his proposal;
  2. Andy Beale – the story of Andy Beale and The Corporation should be known to everyone. In the last two issues of the magazine “Cardplayer” this story was once again described in detail. In short, the following happened: Edney Beal, an entrepreneur from Texas, challenged a consortium of American poker pros, the so-called “Corporation”, to play a session of limited hold’em with him at mind-blowing rates of $ 100,000 / $ 200,000. Since then, this blinds 100k / 200k gaming session holds the record for the highest stakes in poker. For his entire poker career, Bill has been in a small minus, however, he has another record for the amount of money won in a single game session. In a game against Chip Reese, Gus Hansen, Jennifer Harman and Hamid Dastmalchi, he once won $ 11.7 million over an evening;
  3. Archi Karas – The history of Karas is also known to many. In 1992, with $ 50 in his pocket, he came to Las Vegas. He borrowed $ 10,000 and immediately started playing Razz and seven-card stud at $ 200 / $ 400 limits. In addition, he played billiards for money and threw bones crazy. In total, over a short period of time, he managed to win $ 17 million! But this was not enough for him – he began to play at even higher rates and brought his bankroll to 40 million dollars. According to rumors, at some point he collected all of the $ 5,000 chips at Binion’s casino. And what do you think? Over the next 3 years, he lowered all 40 million to the penny. As they say, where it came from – it went there. But he still retains his honorable third place in the list of the greatest gamblers;
  4. Stu Ungar – was a mysterious resident of New York, the son of the owner of one of the local bars, as well as part-time illegal bookmaker’s office. Stu had an incredible intelligence and a supernatural instinct for reading the game, which allowed him to show his talent in card games far beyond the poker table. At first, no one could beat Anger in gin rummy, he destroyed, in the literal sense of the word, each new opponent until he became the best in this game. Stu used his knowledge in Blackjack, where he managed to earn several hundred thousand dollars until he got on the black list of all casinos. There remained poker, in which Stu never played, and understood that the game would be more difficult than those he had already mastered. In those days, Stu did not have the opportunity to play freerolls in an online poker room, and so he headed to Las Vegas in the late 1970s to play high-stakes cash games. The child prodigy from New York quickly learned poker so much that he began to beat him one by one again. In 1980, Stu Ungar became the youngest winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). He repeated his success and became the best in the world series of poker in 1981 and 1997. Unfortunately, the young poker star was very addicted to drugs and in 1998 he passed away. As it turned out, later, the heart could not stand, since Stu began to use strong substances in the early 1980s, precisely when poker fame came to him in Las Vegas. In total, during his career, Stu Ungar managed to earn more than $ 30 million in playing standard Texas Hold’em;
  5. Phil Ivey – this representative of poker know many of the current generation. Phil Ivey continues to actively play poker, and is a very important person in the poker community. Ivey is different from other players with its incredible stakes and unpredictable decisions that resemble gamblers like Stu Ungar, but at the same time he is as tactful and cool as many of today’s professionals. Phil Ivey learned to play poker in Atlantic City, in one of the local casinos, where he received the nickname “Nameless Jerome”. That’s because he used his friend’s passport to play poker at the Taj Mahal casino. Phil Ivey left a lot of money in this place, but he gained invaluable experience that allowed him to win the World Series of Poker 10 times and became a prize winner in numerous poker tournaments. The total win Phil Ivey has already exceeded $ 30 million, and he continues to replenish his wallet with prize-winning poker tournaments, both online and offline.

How to become a professional in this field

More and more users prefer regularly visiting of online casinos and earn money by playing slots, poker, roulette and other gambling for money. The best results are demonstrated by professionals who have a great experience of playing in casinos and have reached a high level of skill. Anyone can become an experienced player with good win statistics. All you need – is regular training. In order to learn gambling and increase the level of professionalism, you can choose various online gambling establishments. They offer gambling players a large selection of slot machines, poker simulators, roulette and other classic gambling games that can be played for free. Professional gamblers can often win valuable prizes by playing slot machines for real bets. Beginners also have a good chance of winning, but having experience would help them achieve even better results. So, to become a professional gambler, you need to regularly play at online casinos, but not necessarily at real bets. You can choose a demo game mode in which free credits are placed on the line, not real money. In this mode, anyone can play, because it is available even to those who have not registered on the site of a gambling establishment. You can play in the demo mode in a variety of slot machines, independently choosing the optimal duration of such a game, which is not limited by the Internet casino.

Players become professionals after some time of regular visits to online casinos for the purpose of training games. It is aimed at developing practical skills and experience, studying the rules and features of the game in different slots, determining the most effective strategies of the game process. Professional players can productively play real bets on any slot machines – be it old school slots or modern simulators. Also, experienced players have many other opportunities to earn money on the excitement. For example, visiting online casinos, they can participate in various kinds of bonus programs, within which you can receive decent bonuses. Also, experienced players have every chance of winning tournaments – slot game contests and other gambling entertainment. It should be noted that everyone can participate in such competitions, for which you need to log in with a username and password, make a deposit and apply for participation in the selected tournament.