Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants

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Will Eli Be Ready?
By James Brockerman

On Tuesday, September 6th, N.Y. Giants quarterback Eli Manningthrew around 70 passes in his first practice since spraining hisright elbow during a game on Aug. 20th. So now Giants hold theirbreath for one more night, hoping Manning will report no sorenesswhen he comes to the field Wednesday. If that is the case, hewill have a normal week of practice in preparation for Sunday’sseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals. Manning said thathis elbow felt fine after the two hour practice and that he didnot expect to have a problem with it in the morning.

Manning, who did not wear a wrap on his arm, threw short passeswithout visible discomfort while warming up early in practice.He threw several 10-yard passes as well, with a very tight spiraland plenty of mustard. It was exactly how their franchise quarterbackis supposed to look in the first regular season practice of theyear. This is a tremendous relief for a team that has playoffhopes pinned on Eli’s maturing as a starter.

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Manning claimed that he felt fine and even threwsome bombs with no issues. He noted that it felt good throwingand he’s not hesitant at all which means the injury is most likelyfully healed. His main issue was getting his timing down whichhe said would take a bit but all should be well.

Manning sprained his elbow midway through the2nd quarter of the Giants’ preseason win over Carolina Panthersand missed the final two preseason games and practices. Doctorsquickly determined that the injury was not serious enough to requiresurgery. The Giants, though, have been careful to avoid guaranteeinganyone in the media that Manning would start Sunday. But Tuesday’sperformance erased most of the doubt that might have lingeredabout his readiness.

The concern now is whether his timing with receivers,especially with the new addition Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress,who is expected to be Manning’s No. 1 receiver – has been almostput on hold by the lack of time that they have played together.Starters typically play three quarters of the third preseasongame, and this training camp was expected to be Manning’s opportunityto bond with the team he now leads. Instead, he attempted just17 passes, completing 9 for 203 yards and 3 touchdowns in thefirst two games. It will all be washed away in the first gamewhere he will lead his team on the gridiron against the Cards.

Even though it may take them a bit to get thingsrunning we think that Peyton’s little brother will put up a goodeffort however we like the SERIOUSLY underrated Arizona Cardinalsto cover this spread despite the line movement.

9/9 Update: Eli Manning will indeed play Sunday

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