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It is inevitable that almost every sports team,will under perform at some point in their season and thus thecoach will have to lay it on the table, or read the riot act tohis squad. Now it is not something that coaches enjoy and usuallycomes with a promise of either extra work or quite possibly removalof privileges. Now in the case of the Army football team, I wouldbe curious with what coach Bobby Ross had to say to his troops.Yes in this case I would not be using the term loosely, as thatis precisely what these guys are. Has Ross promised them a one-wayticket Iraq, or court martial if they refuse to improve theireffort this week against TCU? I mean this is a team that has beenoutscored 127 to 45 the past 3 weeks in games against Louisville,Houston and Connecticut and quite frankly they have dropped 18consecutive games, so I think they have heard the speech onceor twice before.

In this case however they may have a shot thisweekend. The Horn Frogs from Texas are reeling after losing theirlast 2 games and have allowed a whopping 115 points in those games.Now while no one will ever accuse Army of being of the same caliberof Texas Tech or South Florida, it is obvious that this is a suspectTCU squad this week. This coupled with the fact that TCU has injuriesto both quarterbacks and wide receivers as well as playing whatshould be, “excuse me while I cough”, fired up Cadetsteam, makes this game a possible close affair. I mean every teamhas to hit rock bottom before they can improve and Army accordingto their coach reached an all-time low in terms of lack of heartlast week. You would think that TCU one week after allowing SEVENTYpoints to Tech, would have been an inspired group on defense lastweek, yet they gave up FORTY FIVE points at HOME to South Florida.I have a feeling that TCU may hit the bottom of the barrel thisweekend on the road against the soldiers of Army.

TCU-19 I say run with the points and take Army!

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