Bill Romanowski – Steroids

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Last night on 60 minutes Bill Romanowski got on cameraand discussed the steroid issue about himself in a candid interview!He said he got steroids from BALCO Steroid Kingpin VictorCONTE, and that CONTE put him on THG or what most people knowas “The Clear”. It appeared that ROMO, spilled his guts, mainlybecause his new book came out last week and he is trying to sellcopies. He stated in the interview that CONTE told him “The Clear”was undetectable to NFL testing.

My question is this, if a substance is undetectable to NFL orMajor League Baseball testing because the NFL or Major LeagueBaseball testing are not up to the standards of the growing steroidmarkets, why would ROMO admit to using something that was notILLEGAL at the time? If the substance him or any other peopleused was not illegal, why admit to it? It’s obvious now that “TheClear” is illegal in the NFL and Major League Baseball, so peoplewho may have been taking it, quit taking it, because of it’s legalissues! I feel this is the case for the majority of Major LeagueBaseball Players, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro,Juan Gonzales, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcguire and many others. If atany time these people were taking a substance to help them physicallybut was not banned by Baseball, why would anyone fess up to itnow!

Another issue, 3-4 years ago when all these players were BUFFED,it really indeed helped baseball. Isn’t baseball all about hittinghome runs? It was amazing watching the McGwire/Sosa home run battlea few years back, it brought the glory and attention back to MajorLeague Baseball, which at the time was a dying breed. Look atSOSA now, and the films of that homerun chase him and Mcgwirewere in. You can’t tell me SOSA wasn’t juiced at the time withsome type of steroid, as is the case of Mcgwire, who, now outof baseball admitted to using ROIDS! Sosa would be an idiot tostep forward and say he was using anything, just as Palmeiro,Bonds, or anyone should admit to it. If it wasn’t illegal at thetime who cares? Should someone who see’s better because of contactlenses, be banned from baseball for cheating?

And one more thing, steroids might make you bigger and stronger,and healthier at the time, but I have NEVER heard of a ROID, thatboosts your hand and eye coordination, when hitting a ball, witha bat! I say let’s get off the steroid issue, they have theirillegal substances in place right now, and when CONTE is clearto proceed with his life, Major League Baseball and the NFL shouldhire him, since he is the genius at making the substances thatcan’t be detected. Sometimes you have to go along and get helpfrom the bad guys! Didn’t the FBI and CIA hire all those computerhackers that were breaking into their systems? If you can’t beatem, join em!

In closing, hire the right people for the rightjob, screw Congress and their infiltration into the steroids thing.The steroid issue has been resolved, if anyone tests positive,now, then take your legal actions from there! Don’t heed intothe past if something was not illegal at the time, forget aboutit. And Congress? Don’t we have more issues to discuss than wastingyour time with steroids? The deficit, the Iraq war, the Hurricanerelief and such? Do your job and let the NFL and Major LeagueBaseball do theirs!

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