Bettors Get Fantastic News – Atlantic City Open for Business-A Boon for Online Bettors

On Wednesday, Harrah’s Atlantic City, announced they are now open for sports betting. This is fantastic news for bettors across the northeastern tier, the mid-Atlantic states and the south. Everyone will be flocking to the boardwalk to get their football bets in. This news comes on the heels of a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court that allows sports gambling in all 50 states. If you are a big time NFL or college football bettor, what are you going to do on Saturday’s and Sunday’s? You are driving to Atlantic City!

Stop Making Rookie Mistakes When Searching for the Perfect Sportsbook

The best news in all of this; the online bookies are beefing up their offers and bonus plans to bring you on-board, and with good cause. If you are at all serious about betting football this season and you live anywhere near Atlantic City or Las Vegas, then you absolutely know the importance of having several online bookies in your back pocket. You need the competition and you are looking for the best lines and odds this year. A half a point here or a half a point there, can make all the difference in the world to your NFL betting-bottom line. If you are an experienced football bettor, you know that pennies on the juice can save you thousands over the course of a season. There are literally hundreds of football games to bet on every weekend and you must be prepared. After all, you do this to make big money.

There is nothing better than gambling in a great sportsbook like America’s Bookie, taking in the action with several bets going and a cell phone in hand with your online bookie dialed up! Really, what better way to hedge, to bet live, and to find better lines and odds? This is the perfect scenario. It allows you the gambler to take charge of and dictate wins and losses. You should absolutely plan to bet in Atlantic City and Vegas this year. Break the sportsbook while you are breaking the bookie.

Pay Per Head Pricing Plans for Private Bookies

Have you ever bet a live line and immediately been sorry and wish you could have a mulligan? We all have. Betting live line is lucrative and at the same time, tricky. You must be good with numbers, be good with math and be able to think quickly and in an efficient manner or live betting will send you to the ATM very quickly!

The beauty of play at a online sportsbook is not only live lines and the LIVE betting but all thee many other ways to bet on football such as teasers, round robins, reverse action, parlays and much more. The beauty of having an online bookmaker is the cash bonus that come with it. You will not get this in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or any other sports betting venue in the United States. There is absolutely not one sportsbook in Vegas or Atlantic City that will give you cash to beat them with.

Real Bookie’s Software – Expand Your Football Betting Base with Pay Per Head

The online bonuses are like this: When a sports bettor that has a local bookie, whether it be a friend, a guy in a bar or some dude named Vinny from Brownsville Brooklyn, whomever it may be; he is a bookie… when you bet with these guys, do they give you a bonus? Probably not, but what they may do is give you credit. That credit is cash money to beat them with. They will only give it to you once, or very seldom. The online bookies will give it to you every time you make a deposit and they will match you 100%! How can you lose when you are playing their money to beat them?