Betting for the First Time

Betting is something that has really grown in popularity over the past 10 years and with the help of the internet and social media, online betting is also something that’s now more socially accepted just the same as shopping online is now.

How to Bet?

There are two different ways you can make a bet, online and in a betting shop. Although the latter was extremely popular in past years, since the introduction of the internet, online betting has grown in leaps and bounds due to the convenience and accessible nature of being able to place a bet anywhere in the world.

However, just like anything, you should be making sure that you’re protected. So, here are just a few tips to help keep you protected when betting online so that you can have fun without putting yourself or your bank balance at any risk.

  • Use reputable sites

For those just starting out, signing up to play lottery online is a great place to start. While most betting sites are set up in a legal and ethical way, not all are, so it really pays to do your due diligence and only use sites that have a great reputation. Some of the money made from the sales of LottoGo Tickets is given to charities and nonprofitable organizations, and because of the commonplace knowledge of the organization, this is a great place to start your betting experience.

When looking for what site to bet on, make sure to check out independent review sites such as Trustpilot where you can read what others are saying about their experiences of using these sites. Of course, you can also ask around with people you know who use them as well as this will also enable you to see if they’re worth using.

  • Be aware of scams

You should make sure that the site you’re betting on isn’t going to be scamming you out of your hard earned money for a promise they can’t deliver on. Scams are often hard to find, especially online because they can be quite sophisticated. So make sure you keep on high alert and if something doesn’t add up or feel right, then trust your judgment and refrain from using that site.

  • Trust Your Gut

Of course, reviews can only tell you so much, and it’s important to remember that they’re not always going to tell the full story. There are plenty of people who just post negative reviews to be awkward and then others who actually get paid for positive reviews even though they’ve never used the product or service they’re reviewing.

Therefore, part of figuring out whether or not a site is genuine or not is just going to come from the experience of using them and trusting your gut. For example, any betting site that asks for your credit card information before allowing you to sign up and play, or that has extremely high minimum wins before you can withdraw are definitely ones you should be looking to avoid.