Bet on the Buffalo Bills

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by Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now

The secret to having a lucrative year in sports wagering isbe patient and like the stock market always buy low and not whenthe stock is high and over valued. Case in point is setting upnicely this coming Saturday night in Buffalo, New York.

The 10-3 playoff bound Denver Broncos must travel east to thesnowbound “chicken wing capital of the world” to take on the dysfunctionalBills, who are coming off an embarrassing thrashing at home tothe hated Patriots.

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The Bills fans that live by the model “TalkingProud” are hardly doing so these days and are calling for thescalps of head coach Mike Mularkey and general manager Tom Donohoe.Word even surfaced this week that they are considering handingthe reigns to former Bills coach Marv Levy who is in his primeat the ripe old age of 80!

The Broncos kind of laid an egg last weekendwhen they stumbled to a 12-10 victory at home over the weak Ravensand one would think that they will be primed for a good effort.I for one do not see this happening. Football players like fansread papers and listen to the radio and watch sports. The Broncoplayers are well aware that Buffalo has been awful and that theirlong time receiver Eric Moulds was suspended last weekend.

Regardless of what coach Mike Shanahan says thiswill be a tough game to get up for, especially when you have thehated Raiders on deck next week and a division title all but sewnup. Believe me when they fly in Friday night and are gobblingdown several of those world famous chicken wings, Bronco playerswill hear all about the brutal Bills and that is a major distraction.

Speaking of the Buffalo football team, they allrealize that this will be the only game on the docket Saturdaynight and all their fellow comrades in the league will be relaxingin their hotel rooms watching this game. Moulds has stated heis pumped to make amends for his misdeeds and as I mentioned ifveteran Kelly Holcomb is behind center, look for a strong gameby the Bills.

While I respect the Broncos offense, it is nobetter then Kansas City’s and the Bills shut them down 14-3 justone month ago. The Bills defense allowed the Patriots an embarrassingfranchise record 32 first downs last week and you can bet thatdefensive coordinator Jerry Gray has shown this videotape overand over to the disgruntled Bills unit.

Don’t be surprised if the Bills shock the Broncos,but either way grab the 9 points being offered and run!

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