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By Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now –

For years now grownups are always the first to pull a childaside and give him that brilliant advice, about staying in schooland getting yourself a degree. Hey let’s face it, in the grandscheme of things, the percentages say that you will always bebetter off if you have that education to fall back on right? Imean we all want to live that mundane lifestyle, with the wife,three kids, two pets, house, mortgage and the same job for thirtyfive years.

Well had you had the opportunity to interview any of the 6,000participants at the World Series of Poker this past week, youprobably would have heard that plenty of these men and woman,chucked their chance at a degree in favor of the poker circuit.As of today that 6,000 has now been whittled down to nine andall of these players, have it they are not already, become instantmillionaires.


The world parity is talked about constantly in the world ofprofessional sports, as football, baseball, basketball and hockey,are always searching for ways to give every team an opportunityto win. In these sports they have draft lotteries every year andthe worst teams are offered a shot at the best young players,in hopes that the losing club can be transformed into a winningfranchise over night.

The professional poker league has the model for parity as alook at the nine finalists, will reveal not one past winner ofthis great event.

The final table will consist of:

Joe Hashem
Andy Black
Tex Barch
Daniel Bergsdorf
Mike Matusow
Aaron Kanter
Brad Koudrachi
Steve Dannenmann

Just when I was starting to get a handle on all the marqueeplayers, these nine have to come along and force me to searchfor background material on them. Gone from the tournament areChris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Phil Ivey and of course CanadianDaniel Negreanu, all who have become instant celebrities in NorthAmerica.

For years now the word college dropout referred to a uninspired,lazy person, but in the case of 25-year old David Williams itmeans millionaire. The native Texan dropped out of Southern MethodistUniversity just two semesters shy of a degree in economics, witha minor in math. He must be a real loser right? Wrong, the lasttwo years have netted him $4 million on the circuit. How aboutTuan Lee the son of Vietnamese immigrants, who dropped out ofcollege before the first semester, ended.

The 26-year-old, who has won more than $4 million on the tour,was in his first semester at Cal State Northridge when he beganplaying poker in the student union between classes. He almostalways dominated the players, who included his economics professor.One evening at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, Le staked his studentloans and financial aid. He lost big time. But he quit schooland kept on playing, sometimes as much as 70 hours a week.

You know come to think of it, maybe playing cards with Lee,was the best education that economics professor ever gave Lee!

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