BCS Rules Changes – NFL Pre-Season Handicapping

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Tony’s Takes

By Tony George


Once again my candid takes on what is going on in the world of sports gaming. A couple of important takes that will both SAVE you money and MAKE you money this week, read it and consider it fact!

NFL Pre-Season- The scamsters are out in full throttle force already flooding the pre-season annuals and airwaves with hype and lies about HOW EASY it is to win the Pre-Season in the NFL, and why you should give them your money. BUYER BEWARE on this guys! The Pre-Season in the NFL is volitile, unpredictable and VERY dangerous to freshly minted bankrolls. I took 6 games last year in the Pre-Season and went 4-2 ATS. I then went on to win the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge, and finished ranked #1 at National Sports Monitor with 69% ATS winners in the NFL. Be patient, I know when to strike the books in the NFL, and while there IS opportunity in the Pre-Season, I URGE you to wait, be selective, and ponder opportunities in the regular season. DO NOT let these scam artists tell you the time to play is the Pre-Season, you will have a drained bankroll and a maxed out credit card quickly. Choose a good service and wait for the regular season for the most part. Be practicle and use an ethical, and proven sports service, such as mine or others that appear on major gaming portals and are highly ranked at Sports Monitors, and while past results are no indication of future results, but I assure you that a service with a proven track record is a better bet than some silver tounged devil telling you lies and robbing you blind, so use some common sense guys.

NEW BCS Rules Changes apply to handicapping games- PAYATTENTION ON THIS ONE. The new BCS rules changes WILL affect howteams play this year, and the outcome of some games. The Las VegasLine once again will figure into the coaches gameplans and sportswriters and coaches decision making process when voting for thepolls this year, you can count on it! Strenght of schedule, qualitywins and team record DO NOT COUNT. It is the polls that make up1/3 of the scenario in 2004. How do many coaches and writers measurea teams win over the weekend in 2004, say when Nebraska wins by19 over Kansas but was favored 28. That tells a sportswriter thatit was not a good game by Nebraska although they won. Expect moreblowouts from big name, powerhouse type schools over weak sistersin conference play this year, as margin of victory will be measuredagainst what a team was SUPPOSE to win by. This will factor inlate in the season in conference action as coaches who are onthe bubble of a BCS Bowl bid will try to impress pollsters bywinning big, over a stated margin of points they should win by.THIS IS SERIOUS FOOD FOR THOUGHT THIS NCAA FOOTBALL SEASON.

Until next week, I am CRUSHING the books in Bases, be sure sure to build your bankroll with baseball RIGHT NOW, it is the easiest time of the year to win in baseball guys, trust me on that and you are leaving thousands on the table if you pass it up.


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