Are NFL Players Allowed to Gamble at the Casino?

No matter what you do or where you’re from, everyone likes to have a little fun at the casino now and again.  It’s a bit of an adrenaline boost and there’s of course always the chance to win a big jackpot or at least some money too.  A little bit of trivia for you, Finnish gamblers, such as the kind of pro’s that you will find on sites like, are some of the most intense gamblers in the world, and out of any country worldwide, the Fins spend the most time at the casino in proportion to their population size (especially blackjack).  Now also fitting to this article, the Finnish have no restrictions on their national sports heroes when it comes to gambling, is this maybe due to their perceived status in world sports? Well take the NFL on the other hand, one of the biggest sports brands in history but the matter remains unclear, do they let their players gamble at casinos or even at all?

Do NFL players actually face big restrictions when it comes to gambling at casinos?

This is a question that is surrounded in a lot of mystery, not totally without cause due to Dallas quaterback Tony Romo’s NFFC Fantasy Football convention in 2015 being cancelled because it was due to be held at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Centre owned by the same group who own one certain Las Vegas casino and also because there have been countless other planned events cancelled due to similar circumstances. Romo’s event was again cancelled in 2016, strangely though this time it was being held outside of any gambling establishments jurisdiction or subsidiaries. There are some league rules that prohibit players from engaging in events held at the casino but there’s an impression that players are strictly prohibited from going into any casino and that’s not actually the case.

What does the NFL actually say on the matter of players gambling at casinos or on organized races?

The leagues policy on gambling states that NFL players and other affiliated league personnel can enter all “legally operated casinos, horse or dog tracks” in order to play and bet real money on casino games, horses or dogs during their own personal time.  This includes the full range of casino games like blackjack, roulette, other table games like craps, video poker machines or slot machines. Nothing is excluded in the rules.  So why the big furore in this case? Well you start to run into problems when players and personnel become involved in any sort of activity that that can be viewed as an endorsement or affiliation and this is where the NFL has a problem with gambling. In Romo’s case he wasn’t going into the casino to gamble in his free time, he was holding a conference/convention at a casino, which falls within the prohibited parts of the rules/laws.

So the verdict? Well the NFL is basically saying they don’t care what you do in your spare time, but if it constitutes you endorsing or perceived to be endorsing the casino or gambling then it’s definitely a big no-no in their books.