8 Reasons why People Love to Gamble

We could argue for days over whether gambling is a sport, an art or a hobby, and probably eventually agree to disagree. Whatever your thoughts are, there is no doubt that almost every one of us has at some point delved into some sort of gambling.

From a simple dare as kids to a game of cards at home or a visit to a casino, gambling is something that gives a thrill like no other. It has been largely stigmatized, and yet, like every other indulgence or pleasure, it has its benefits for those that prefer it. Let’s explore some reasons as to why people love gambling.

The high

People love winning, especially when it comes to a challenge. Regardless of the game, beating the odds provides that moment of achievement. Not to mention the thrill of a title especially among competitors.

The social aspect

Some people just crave company, and having a group over for a game of poker offers more than just a game. Humans are social beings, with a desire to belong and to share an understanding with a group of people.

As with almost every other hobby or sport, gambling speaks its own language, and patrons are able to identify with each other.

The Emotional Experience

What bungee jumping is to some, gambling is to others. Gambling provides both stimulation and excitement, with the luck of the leprechaun urging that desire to play and win. While it may same as an escape to some, many gamblers view it as their happy place or a form of entertainment that others will probably indulge in a different way.

Sheer enjoyment

Gambling is not just a habit as we are made to believe. Passing time, escaping loneliness and boredom is another reason contributing to the love of gambling. For many, gambling becomes a hobby and a stress relief tool that they will participate in for the mere love of it.

Ease of gambling

With the wheel being reinvented, the opportunity to gamble has moved from having to attend a casino to online gambling sites that are readily available at patrons fingertips.

Gamblers can participate from anywhere in the world, at any time. In addition to this, most sites are readily available on any device, and patrons are not limited to playing only on a particular device.

Charity support

Many sites offer gambling tournaments in support of various charities, and patrons often participate in these as a way of giving back.

Media and Advertising

Gambling had been widely advertised and broadcasted over almost every media platform, and it’s rare not to have been exposed to it at some point.

The lure and promise of big wins, along with the use of both ordinary patrons and well-known stars in the entertainment industry is one that few people can ignore.

The Big Win

We would be fibbing if we didn’t mention the penultimate reason for gambling. The dream of a big win and the possibility of maximum profit with minimal investment is a thrill that drivers many a gambler.

The opportunities are endless, with niches that gamblers go as far as to study in the hope of coming out on top. Think of the “poker face”, and understand the lengths that people will go to to get the upper hand.

Websites like freebets.org.uk categorise the smallest to the largest welcome incentives in the industry – definitely worth checking out if you’d like to maximize your profits.

Whatever the reason, gambling has been around for centuries and is always available in one form or another. It is however imperative that we not stigmatise it or view its patrons in a negative light. As we’ve seen above, there are various reasons that people enjoy the thrill that gambling offers.