8 Reasons the UFC Will Always Be Better Than Boxing

Combat sport has always been a thing of excitement and interest for humans since time immemorial. We have been watching fighting competitions ever since recorded history. 

People watch boxing and UFC to see humans push their physical limits and become more than just frail humans. This factor is what excites people.

Interestingly, there are two parallel one-on-one combat sports today that thrill the audience and are quite popular among all age groups globally. They are UFC and Boxing. In this piece, we will walk you through the eight reasons why the UFC will always be better than boxing.

8 Reasons the UFC Will Always Be Better Than Boxing

If you are a fan of boxing, do not stress. We are not saying that boxing is an inferior sport. But what we want to say is how the UFC takes the elements of boxing and makes it even better. So let’s get started. 

UFC adds variety in fighting style

Boxing is great and exciting, but what it lacks is different fighting styles. When two fighters in a boxing match stand next to each other, we know what kind of match we are expecting. All they are going to do is throw punches. 

But when it comes to UFC, there is no saying what kind of fighting style we are going to see. From roundhouse kicks to sharp and fast jabs to even tackling, the variety in fighting styles makes UFC fights much more exciting and entertaining. 

Just like the ring has four sides, the Octagon, with its eight sides, is more complex and dynamic than boxing. 

Offers more freedom to the fighters 

There have been many instances where a boxing match was said to be fixed or influenced by someone powerful. The UFC does not bring all that baggage. UFC is purely about the fight, about the sheer rush of adrenaline that comes from combat. 

There is the least amount of politics involved; the fights are fought straight and fair. 

UFC is nostalgic

What do we mean when we say “UFC is nostalgic”? There was a time when boxing was about beef, about revenge, about punching the opponent down so hard that he or she could barely stand up. 

It was the time of the greats like Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson. Sadly, that time has passed. Today boxing matches are business deals. The fighters stay inside the ring for some time, occasionally landing a few punches, and both fighters make millions of dollars. 

Even true, die-hard boxing fans admit that today’s boxing matches are nothing but a show to make money. UFC is where the fight is worth the money.

Has much better entertainment

UFC offers another class of entertainment compared to boxing matches. This entertainment factor is especially noticeable when watching a UFC match in person. 

The UFC puts on elaborate events that are designed to create a sense of spectacle and excitement for fans. The production values for UFC events are often quite high.

So if you have been thinking about going to a UFC match, do not think any further. Look for all the UFC fight tickets for 2023 and attend a match filled with glorious fights and top-notch entertainment.

Offers opportunities for fighters

The UFC has a larger roster of fighters than most boxing promotions, which means there are more opportunities for fighters to compete and showcase their skills.

The UFC has a wider range of weight classes, which allows fighters to compete at a weight that is more suited to their abilities. This means that fighters who might not be able to compete in boxing due to weight restrictions might still be able to find success in the UFC.

Fans can watch fights from anywhere in the world

When it comes to any match or event, how the organization lets viewers see the match makes a lot of difference in quality and preference. UFC is much more modern and convenient (and worth the money) as it comes with its streaming service, UFC Pass.

It means that fans can watch fights from anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. In contrast, boxing matches may be more difficult to access, with many fights only available on pay-per-view.

Has better and stricter drug testing

The UFC has implemented a rigorous drug testing program to ensure that fighters are competing on a level playing field.

This includes year-round testing and strict penalties for those who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. While boxing also has a drug testing program, some fans argue that it is not as strict as the UFC’s.

More focus on fighting styles

The UFC’s rules allow for grappling and ground fighting, which can create more opportunities for fighters to showcase a wider range of skills. In contrast, boxing is primarily focused on striking, which may limit the range of techniques that fighters can use.


That was all about the reasons why UFC is better than boxing. While boxing had its day, today that sport has turned into a business. While it’s not a bad thing, the element of the fight is completely gone. 

UFC is the new kid on the block, and it is changing things. It is making fight enthusiasts get the same adrenaline rush that was once given by classic boxing matches.