4 Reasons to Try Fantasy Football this Year

It’s summer, which means training camps open up soon, and mandatory team activities are underway. All the NFL teams are looking forward to another great year after the Los Angeles Rams broke through and won the Superbowl with their new quarterback acquisition, Matt Stafford. It also means many individuals are starting to consider signing up for fantasy football leagues with their friends.

Maybe you’ve thought about trying out fantasy football, but you’re unsure if you should do it. You know people have fun with it, but you might think you don’t know enough about football to try it, or you’re hesitating for some other reason.

We’ll discuss some of the most noteworthy reasons to try fantasy football this year. You might find that it becomes your new favorite activity if you give it a try.

It’s a Fun Way to Mark the Season Changing

Many people regard Memorial Day weekend as the summer’s unofficial kickoff. The calendar does not officially say summer yet at the end of May, but you notice hotter weather all around the country, and you know leisurely summer days are straight ahead.

Most people also look at Labor Day and think about that as summer’s unofficial end. When Labor Day comes, you know you’re not far away from putting away the BBQ for another year and getting ready to rake some leaves. You also know that football is about to start up again, both at the college level and in the pros.

If you try fantasy football this year, you’ll find it a nice thing to look forward to on the calendar. Just as some people look forward to the leaves changing colors and cooler nights moving in, you can also eagerly anticipate starting your fantasy football season as summer changes to fall.

You Can Talk Trash with Your Friends

Fantasy football is an activity conducive to trash talking. Even if you don’t know much about the sport, once you learn some fantasy football basics, you should start to see some success.

Once you do, you can let your friends know that you’re beating them, especially if they’re more experienced than you and they’ve done this for years. As long as everyone keeps things friendly and no feelings get hurt, it’s fun to razz each other on gameday when your team dominates, and you come out on top.

You Don’t Need to Know Much About Football to Try It

Some people hesitate when someone asks them to try fantasy football. They might hear that it’s fun, and they might enjoy it, but maybe they know very little about the game itself. They may not know who to start on a given day or the game’s intricacies.

The reality is that you can play fantasy football even if you know very little about the NFL. As soon as you learn the basic rules, you can put a team together and play every Sunday.

If you don’t know much about the game, you should enter a league with other amateurs who want to play for fun. You’re not going to want to join a league with a huge buy-in or other members who are deadly serious about it.

You can get your feet wet instead as you learn more about the game and what you need to do to win. Maybe in the future, you can join a more serious league once you’ve had a few years of experience under your belt.

It’s an Excuse to Get Together with Your Buddies

Many groups of people have excuses to get together with friends. Maybe you’re part of a book club or a sewing circle. 

You can get together and talk about your hobby, but it’s also an excuse to congregate with your friends and spend some time together. If you all have busy schedules these days, it’s nice to have a reason to spend time at someone’s house and maybe get away from your kids for a bit.

You can do that when you play fantasy football. You might get together to watch a game if you have someone in your group that has NFL Red Zone or a similar subscription service.

You can make some nachos or chili and wear your favorite player jerseys. Maybe you’ll have adult beverages and cheer whenever someone on your fantasy team does something helpful.

Many people find fantasy football a pleasant diversion that can take their minds if more serious matters for a while.