4 Reasons That Cause Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is the irresistible desire to indulge in gambling activities despite its negative effects on you. Many factors contribute to excessive betting. Let’s review some of them.


Gambling is a very fun activity to relax during your leisure time and also make money while doing it. Though, many detest the idea of betting since they feel it’s quite addictive. Well, this is true in the sense that gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system, which can eventually lead to its addiction.

Many online casino games are programmed to be very fun and compulsive. Some people have played in a casino at least once in their lives. Some win, and cash out immediately from a new instant withdrawal casino, and stop. While some continue to spend money in the hope of a big win while trying many casino slots.

Addiction to gambling can take a very bad toll on one’s life. It has the potential to damage the lives of its victims and their loved ones. Continue reading and find out the true meaning of compulsive betting. We’ll also expose you to the biological, physiological, and behavioral causes that make people indulge compulsively in betting.

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is a compulsive-behavior disorder. It is also called pathological or compulsive betting. This behavioral disorder leaves the person coming back to bet more even if he knows it is destroying his life.

The compulsive effect makes the addict think about it all the time and forces the urge to want to gamble uncontrollably. In the end, they risk many things including their work, relationships, may end up in debt, and go bankrupt. All these may eventually lead the addict into indulging in criminal acts.

Through improved technology, many online casinos are now present as opposed to offline casinos. The rate at which many divert to online gambling may lead to addiction. This is because of the easy accessibility and availability of online betting services.

4 Factors That Causes Gambling Addiction

Many factors contribute to the compulsive use of gambling services. These factors can be biological, environmental, social pressure, and many more. Read through further and find out how these factors influence bettors’ compulsive acts.

Biological Factors

Certain biological factors make some people bet compulsively without control. Some of these biological causes are;

  •     Extreme dopamine level, which rewards the brain after a fun activity.
  •     Elevated levels of serotonin hormone.
  •     Abnormalities in cerebrospinal fluid in the body.

All these factors are mainly hormonal imbalances stimulating certain parts of the brain. All these leads to the impulse to gamble, thinking you can always make more, and relieve stress through betting.

Environmental Factors

Most of this impulse-betting attitude also relates to some environmental factors. They increase the risk of addicts who are even trying to end their gambling addiction. These factors may include;

  •     Less privileged opportunity to spend largely.
  •     Families who gamble also pass this act to their younger ones.
  •     Trying to cope with difficult and stressful situations.
  •     Public advertisements promoting the act.

Genetic Factors

According to mental health research, 2-3% of people in the world have been diagnosed with a gambling addiction. A major cause of this increased rate shows that genetics play a major role in addiction. Scientifically, allele variants of addict genes connect rapidly to neurotransmitters responsible for the addiction.

Gender Factors

Men are known to gamble more than women. Studies showed that 25% of women who gamble get addicted to the act as compared to 8% of men. Another research also showed an interpersonal relationship between gender’s problem with betting. It showed how men tend to play more poker games, craps, and blackjack. While women showed more interest in games like slots and bingo.

Now you know one of the reasons that make you stay in a casino! Though most online games have been introduced to reduce the effects of compulsive betting. You can play free online pokies with a reduced risk of addiction and very low deposits to make real money.

Other factors that also attributes to pathological gambling include:

  •     Age differences.
  •     Family influence and peer pressure.
  •     Certain medications.
  •     Financial condition with low earnings.


Gambling addiction imposes too many risks from relationship problems, financial problems, and many more. Betting can be fun and profitable. But when it becomes too much, too many things are at stake, especially your mental health.

If you notice any slight impulse in your use of betting services, try abstaining. If you think it’s beyond your control, seek professional medical help for problems with gambling addiction.