2016 NFL: The Highest Scoring Teams This Season

The 2016-2017 NFL season is approaching. Players are getting ready to start placing their bets on their favourite teams.

Most NFL betting is about the teams who will make it to the playoffs or prop bets that players are hoping to make a little extra money from. Players are always looking for new betting opportunities that surround the NFL season.

Online bookies can suggest to their players to bet on the highest scoring teams in the 2016 NFL season. Online bookies will find below the information they’ll need to know right now about which teams will be scoring the highest amount of points this season.

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The Seattle Seahawks To Be The Next Highest Scoring Team This Season

Why your players are placing their bets on the Seattle Seahawks is because the Seattle Seahawks have their odds starting at +650 to be the highest scoring team this NFL season.

These odds reflect on how the Seattle Seahawks performed last season. The Seattle Seahawks tied for fourth as being one of the highest scoring teams in the 2015-2016 season with an average points per game of 24.6.

The Seattle Seahawks chances have increased more this season than last season. Perhaps this season, the Seattle Seahawks will not tie for fourth again and take first this year.

Other High Scoring Teams To Watch This Season

As of right now, the Seattle Seahawks might be the team to have the highest amount of points scored. The odds may be good so far but certain situations can change this outcome for the Seattle Seahawks.

There are other teams to watch for that may score higher than the Seattle Seahawks to take interest in. Here are the odds for these three teams that suggest that they may have a chance to score higher than the Seattle Seahawks.

Behind the Seattle Seahawks is the Carolina Panthers who is at +700. Last year the panthers averaged 31.2 points per game. This year the Carolina Panthers odds have changed too. The Carolina Panthers have rookie Kelvin Benjamin, who has accomplished nine touchdowns so far. Expect to see a larger average score per game this season.

Amazing teams that follow behind the Carolina Panthers are the Green Bay Packers +800, the Pittsburgh Steelers +800, and the New England Patriots +900.

The New York Giants (+4000) who placed sixth on the highest scoring team last season have gained interest too. With a new coach, Ben McAdoo, leading the New York Giants this season things will change for this team.

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