2008 Super Bowl Predictions

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It’s only July, and NFL training campshave yet to open, so this may not seem like the best time tobe making predictions on the 2008 Super Bowl. But there’snothing wrong with taking a look at what teams have done toimprove their rosters during the off-season, and taking a flyeron where they might end up when the 2007-08 season wraps.

Division Champions:


NFC North Champion– Chicago Bears (10wins)
NFC East Champion – Philadelphia Eagles (12 wins)
NFC West Champion – Seattle Seahawks (10 wins)
NFC South Champion – Carolina Panthers (11 wins)

Wild Card Teams: Dallas Cowboys(10 wins); New Orleans Saints (10 wins)


AFC North Champion – Cincinnati Bengals(11 wins)
AFC East Champion – New England Patriots (12 wins)
AFC West Champion – Denver Broncos (11 wins)
AFC South Champion – Indianapolis Colts (12 wins)

Wild Card Teams: PittsburghSteelers (10 wins); San Diego Chargers (10 wins)

Round One:

Dallas at Chicago: This would be a typical goodoffense vs. good defense matchup, with the Bear’s defensebeing slightly better than the Cowboys’ offense.

New Orleans at Seattle: New Orleans was thetoast of the NFL last season, but there’s a question withdepth going into this season. Seattle advances if for no otherreason that home-field advantage.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: Ben Roethlisbergerhas had a full year to recover from the injuries he sufferedin a motorcycle accident just a few months after winning the2006 Super Bowl.

San Diego at Denver: Denver will take the division,but San Diego will at least partially make up for last year’splayoff exit by advancing.

Round Two:

Chicago at Philadelphia: Defense wins championships– or at least NFL playoff games. Chicago should advancebut this will be a tight, tough game.

Seattle at Carolina: Carolina has tremendousdepth and this could be a break-out year.

Pittsburgh at New England: This will be an aerialbattle between Roethlisberger and Pat’s pivot Tom Brady,who will lead his team to the AFC Championship (and beyond).

San Diego at Indianapolis: It ends early againfor San Diego. The coaching change will prove to be largelyineffective, at least in the post-season.

NFC Championship:

Carolina at Chicago: With a healthy Jake Delhommeand Steve Smith, the Panthers offense could be one of the bestin the NFL this season. But it will hit a brick wall known asthe Bears defense.

AFC Championship:

Indianapolis at New England: The NFL’stwo best quarterbacks go head to head, and the one that emergesthe winner will be the one whose team went out a signed a squadronof new receivers. In other words, Brady.

Super Bowl XLII:

New England vs. Chicago:

This is Brady’s year, plain and simple.


Let’s take a look at the current odds to win SuperBowl XLII:

Odds to win the 2008 Super Bowl XLII

Arizona Cardinals 35/1
Atlanta Falcons 48/1
Baltimore Ravens 22/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1
Carolina Panthers 25/1
Chicago Bears 15/1
Cincinnati Bengals 17/1
Cleveland Browns 90/1
Dallas Cowboys 20/1
Denver Broncos 20/1
Detroit Lions 80/1
Green Bay Packers 35/1
Houston Texans 100/1
Indianapolis Colts 7/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 30/1
Kansas City Chiefs 50/1
Miami Dolphins 55/1
Minnesota Vikings 50/1
New England Patriots 8/5
New Orleans Saints 14/1
New York Giants 35/1
New York Jets 35/1
Oakland Raiders 75/1
Philadelphia Eagles 18/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 25/1
San Diego Chargers 5/1
San Francisco 49ers 17/1
Seattle Seahawks 18/1
St.Louis Rams 40/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 45/1
Tennessee Titans 45/1
Washington Redskins 38/1

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