2007 NL Divisional Series

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MLB Baseball Matchup
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Colorado (90-73) at Philadelphia(89-73)
Colorado Rockies +132
Philadelphia Phillies -142

The Colorado Rockies willplay the Philadelphia Phillies in a five game series fora chance to advance to the NL Championship game. The firsttwo game of this series will be played at Citizens BankPark.

The Colorado Rockies are riding on a mountain high latelyafter going on a 14-1 winning streak to win the NL WildCard. This is how you want to enter the playoffs, on awinning streak. The Rockies bring in a great bullpen withJ. Francis (17-9, 4.22 ERA), A. Cook (8-7, 4.12 ERA) andJ. Fogg (10-9, 4.94 ERA) all who have started over twentygames. Big hitters for the Rockies are M.Holliday (36HR,137 RBI), T.Tulowitzki (24HR, 99 RBI), G.Atkins (25HR,111 RBI) and B.Hawpe (29HR, 116 RBI) who were major contributorsto the Rockies success. The Rockies also have an outstandingdefense that, in their last 10 games, have allowed anaverage three runs scored a game, compared to the Rockiessix runs scored. Colorado is currently 39-42 on the roadand 2-2 this season when playing against the Phillies,in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Phillies bring a strongoffense into their first NL divisional series since 1993.They’ve got a team with great speed and power. ThePhillies are ranked 2nd in runs scored per game (5.5)and ranked 2nd in homeruns (213). The biggest hittersfor the Phillies are R.Howard (47HR, 136 RBI), C.Utley(22HR, 103 RBI), J.Rollins (30HR, 94 RBI) and A.Rowand(27HR, 89 RBI). One thing that will need to be improvedfor the Phillies is their defense. Their defense is allowingway too many earned runs. The hottest pitchers for thePhillies are J.Moyer (14-12, 5.01 ERA), C.Hamels (15-5,3.39 ERA) and K.Kendrick (10-4, 3.87 ERA). The Philliesstruggled in their final ten games, going 7-3. The Phillieshave a home record of 47-34 and are 3-4 this year againstthe Rockies.


Chi. Cubs (85-77) at Arizona(90-72)
Chicago Cubs +122
Arizaon Diamondbacks -132
The Arizona Diamondbackswill host the Chicago Cubs for a five game series to determinewho makes it to the NL Championship game. The first twogames of this series will be played at Chase Field.

The Chicago Cubs cruised to a playoff spotin the NL Central after finishing two games ahead of Milwaukee.The Cubs bring a team with great hitting, power and defense.The biggest hitters for the Cubs during the regular seasonwere A. Soriano (33HR, 70 RBI), D.Lee (22HR, 82 RBI), A.Ramirez (26HR, 101 RBI) and M. DeRosa (10HR, 72 RBI). CoachLou Pinnella has installed faith in his offense and it’sseems to have worked. The Cubs have been getting some greatpitching from guys like Ted Lilly (15-8, 3.83 ERA), C.Zambrano(18-13, 3.95 ERA) and R.Hill (11-8, 3.92 ERA), they’repitchers currently have the most strike outs of any otherteam in MLB. The Cubs also have a lot of great closers whocan keep their opponents at bay. The best part of the Cubbiesgame has to be their defense. Their defense is ranked 4thin earned runs (4.04) and ranked 5th with hitters in scoringposition (1.32). The Cubs went 5-5 in last ten games ofthe regular season and are 2-5 against the D-Backs thisyear.

The Arizona Diamondbacks enter the post season for the fourthtime in ten years. With a number of rookies, role playersand veteran leaders, it’s a bit of a surprise howthey managed to make it into the postseason. Never lessthe D-Backs players all chipped in and they’re inthe playoffs. The Cubs are getting good pitching from B.Webb(18-10, 3.01 ERA), D.Davis (13-12, 4.25 ERA) and L.Hernandez(11-11, 4.93 ERA) all of whom have started over thirty games.The best hitters for the Cubs are O.Hudson (10HR, 63 RBI),E.Byrnes (21HR, 83 RBI), C.Young (32HR, 68 RBI). It seemsthat the D-Backs don’t have one or two big hittersbut rather a whole team that chips in and gets the win.They’re working as a team. Arizona has the edge overthe Cubs so far this year winning four out of six meetings.



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