Why The Buccaneers Overpowered The Chiefs At The Super Bowl On Sunday?

Coming into the Super Bowl on Sunday, it looked as if Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were unstoppable and that they would just be able to drive through their defence and win by a clear margin, however, the Buccaneers had other ideas and totally nullified the threat of the Chiefs in which not many teams have been able do post-season having won 31-9 on Sunday.

Many fans will point towards the poor offence of the Chiefs during Sunday’s Superbowl and that they weren’t able to deliver as they have over the past two seasons. Star players Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill did miss some crucial catches in the first quarter which we think if this had happened then it would have changed the landscape of the game, and this is very uncharacteristic of Kelce and Hill who have been unstoppable for the majority of the season. Mahomes would have been disappointed in the performance of his teammates during this period in the game.

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However, we don’t believe that Mahomes can solely blame his offensive counterparts as the defence of the Buccaneers was immaculate and one of the best displays, we’ve seen from a defensive line in a Superbowl in some time. Mahomes never had the time to pick his plays, was constantly under pressure from the defence of the Bucs and even with the amount of skill that Mahomes possesses, there’s nothing you can do when your most crucial assets is under that amount of stress for the majority of the game.

From all of this pressure, the game just went downhill during the 3rd and 4th quarter as Mahomes started to limp and we then knew this was the signal of the end of the Chiefs push for the Super Bowl. Although, we did believe that the Super Bowl was long lost before Mahomes started limping and the Chiefs were unravelling at an incredible rate in the biggest game of their career; a sad game to watch if we were honest. This game was potentially meant to be Brady passing on the torch to Mahomes, but Brady and Co had different ideas.