Why Revolut is a popular payment method at online casinos?

The Revolut payment system is a special application for financial transactions. This payment method is often used in Czech online casinos and is optimal for residents of the European Union. It is popular among players due to the system of fast payments and the ability not to link a real bank account to the casino. Revolut has a separate payment card that provides players with favorable conditions for transactions.

About Revolut

Revolut has been operating since 2015, the founders of the company are Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. General Director – Nik Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko holds the position of chairman and technical director. The board of directors of the company includes 5 more chairmen, in addition to the names indicated. The bank’s headquarters are in London, and the work is regulated by the Lithuanian bank in the EU. The main goal of the team is to allow users to conveniently and easily manage their financial flows. The bank offers the following services:

  • opening an account;
  • currency exchange;
  • transfers and withdrawals;
  • access to cryptocurrency;
  • stock trading.

Revolut is a full-fledged bank operating in an online format. In this case, you can visit a physical bank branch or get a real card.

What are the advantages of Revolut?

The Revolut Digital Bank is an innovative online financial engine that offers services in many countries. In the Czech Republic, it is used for gaming activities and guarantees players fast deposits and withdrawals from the account. The main advantages of Revolut Bank are:

  • money transfer and exchange in 24 currencies;
  • quick access to accounts through the application;
  • online support;
  • you can use funds from the card in the EU, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Singapore, USA, and Japan;
  • can be used for payments at online casinos;
  • has a modern protection system.

The main advantage of online banking is that you can use it anytime, anywhere. And this is the reason why revolut casino is so popular among players.

The client simply downloads the program to a mobile device (the territorial location of the person and permission to open an account in his country are taken into account), after which all monetary functions become available to him. It is also noted that, in addition to useful functions, the bank has a professional protection system. He cooperates with many companies, including online casinos. The well-coordinated and professional work of the team makes the bank rated and popular among users.

Why do online casinos prefer to use Revolut for payments?

The Revolut system combines the functions of a licensed bank and a modern online wallet, so it is great for casino payments. To open an account with this bank, the player must be located in one of the permitted countries, as well as download the Revolut application on the device. The company cooperates with other well-known payment systems and banks, so the player can safely deposit funds to the Revolut account and use them to pay for bets.

Modern online casinos offer revolut as a payment system for European and Czech players, as it is profitable, fast, and safe to make payments. In addition, this can be done not only in standard currencies but also in cryptocurrency. The user simply chooses this system, indicates the amount needed for crediting, and receives it on the game account.

Are there any fees and limits on deposits and withdrawals?

The work of the Revolut Bank is regulated, so users should be aware of the detailed conditions for its use. When transferring money through the system, a commission may be charged, and there are also limits on amounts. The withdrawal limit for one client per month can be 800 EUR. As for online casinos, there is no information about limits. Customers may choose a specific account maintenance program for which a certain monthly fee will be charged. If a person plans to use the payment system to the maximum, then he should choose the Metal program.

Criterion Standard program Plus program Premium program Metal program
Fees 1,5% 1,5% 0.5% 0.5%
Withdrawal limit per month 200 EUR 200 EUR 400 EUR 800 EUR
Exchange limit per month 1000 EUR 1000 EUR No limits No limits


Revolut Online Banking is a modern digital way to deposit and withdraw funds to the client’s real account. This system is in demand among online casinos, as it offers players favorable terms of cooperation. The bank is licensed, operates in many countries, and closely monitors customer transactions. The modern security system allows you to quickly and reliably conduct cash transactions with favorable commissions for services.