Which NFL Division Appears to be the Most Difficult to Predict This Season?

With the draft completed and the schedule out for everyone to see, it is a given that prediction time has begun. Prediction can be pretty tricky with all the things that could go wrong or right. From unexpected injuries to rookies who may or may not become prominent performers, plenty of factors make the accuracy of predictions rather unpredictable. Even with statistical analysis, the factors involved are too many, too random or even too unfathomable to allow for an accurate calculation of the odds.

Nevertheless, we continue to make our division predictions.

AFC East

In the AFC East division, the Buffalo Bills have it. They have maintained consistency, addressed their weaknesses and have a strong team. They have spent their money well, and their players are robust. The New York Jets are rebuilding and strategizing, hoping they finish up in time for the season. The New England Patriots are great spenders, but they lack the quality talent that the Buffalo Bills have. The Miami Dolphins are great but there is still a stark difference between them and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills clearly have the upper hand here. Let’s wait and see; come NFL game day, we will surely recognize the superior team.

AFC West

The AFC West is considered the most challenging division as it hosts some of the most formidable teams in the league. From the Kansas City Chiefs, the Las Vegas Raiders, the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers, one can only expect nothing but the best. The Chiefs have been the most dominant team, but the other teams have started increasing their efforts after seeing how the Broncos finished last season. The Chargers have lots of talent to utilize, while the Raiders are also improving. Will the Chiefs remain on the top? They certainly reigned in the AFC West Standings 2020.

AFC North

The Baltimore Ravens are the most visible in this division of the NFL. They have the highest chances of winning considering their new signings, such as Orlando Brown Jr, and their best quarterback, Lamar Jackson. If they work on their offense and edges, they might finish first in the division. The Cleveland Browns are also strategizing aggressively with Jadeveon Clowney and John Johnson and their new linebackers. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals have also been silently improving their gameplay, making sure they are not left behind in the action.

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans all have the potential to play against more formidable teams if they put in the effort. We can only wait for the coming season to be able to rank this division properly. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars are known to be in poor form, so they have a lot of work to put in. The Colts have signed Cash Wentz, a formidable quarterback who might improve the team’s prospects.

NFC North

The Green Bay Packers have the best odds of winning when you take their flawless talent and gameplay into account. The Detroit Lions have a great offense, while the Chicago Bears could make a comeback if they make the right moves. The Minnesota Vikings still have more in store for fans. Although the division looks competitive, the teams still need to make an effort to improve.

NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys have positive prospects seeing as they still possess considerable talent. However, the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team have a long way to go to master effective gameplay and field strategy.

NFC West

This division has moderately weighted teams in that they are adequately balanced so they can all win against each other. The San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks are in the process of improving themselves while the Los Angeles Rams and the St. Louis Cardinals are trying to reorganize their teams. The division has seen a significant loss of great talent, which could lead to some unexpected outcomes in the coming season.

NFC South

The Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers each possess formidable offensive abilities which they could use to reclaim better positions in the division. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints have also increased their efforts to improve their gameplay, including acquiring major talent which sets them up for a possible league win. If all goes well, the Buccaneers have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl compared to the other teams.

While the NFL players and teams are well known, it is very difficult to predict who will win what, especially considering the games have not yet officially started. One can only judge from previous performance of the teams and players. Based on the past and current activities of the teams, NFL upcoming season projections speculate that the 2021 Super Bowl will feature the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but time may reveal a completely different set of competitors.