What Kinds of Casino Games Are Most Popular in Canada

Online casinos in Canada are really popular right now. This is due to relaxed government laws which have made online gambling safer and legal. There are many games offered in casinos.

However, there are some popular ones that almost everybody that goes to a casino has to play. Some of them are poker, roulette, blackjack, among many others.

There are many reasons why certain games are more popular than others. It may be because the game is easier to play compared to others, or they are more fun to play.

It may also be because of the bonuses offered when playing the games, which are more attractive compared to the rest. Here are some of the most popular games in online Canadian casinos.


Slots are by far the most popular of all casino games, not just in Canada, but the whole world. They were initially mostly run by charities in Canada, before gaining popularity in casinos. The main reason they are very popular is their simplicity, both in design and functionality.

Also, they can be played both online and at the casino. The game offers a wide variety, but the basic idea is simple. A player picks an amount for their bet, and how many pay lines they’d want their wager to duplicate.

Apart from the simplicity, the games are also cheap, meaning you can play them over a long time without spending much. Slots also have a jackpot, which is divided into two parts.

First, is the progressive jackpot. As the name suggests, the price increases as more games are played, until a player wins. The standard jackpot has a fixed sum that does not change.


It is right up there with slots as the world’s most popular games. Poker is a little bit more complex than slots because it not only requires luck, but also strategy. It is categorized under casino table games, which most of the time give a heavy payout. Poker is complex only when playing against pro players, who understand the game as well as you do.

When playing, players playing against each other place the bets according to their holdings. This is because they are not allowed to look at their opponents’ cards, which makes the game more interesting.

This is where luck comes into play, alongside bluffing. Since you do not have an idea of what cards the opponent has, you have to sometimes bluff. After that, you can only hope they fall for it.


Canadians love this game. It was first played in France a long time ago. It gained popularity due to its sophistication and elegance, which attracted more players.

There are two major types of roulette, which are European roulette, and American roulette. The difference is in the numbers on the wheel. European roulette has 37 numbers, including a single zero slot. American roulette has 38 numbers, including an extra slot with two zeros. Due to that, European provides better odds than the American version.

Roulette is also classified under casino table games. It involves a player choosing a number on a spinning wheel and being on it. The wheel is then spun, and if it lands on the number they chose, they win. As explained, the game is simple and easy, which is why it is one of the most popular.


This is an elegant table game, mostly played by ambitious players. It is especially very attractive to big betters, who want to make big money. This is because of its many advantages, like the simple object of the game.

All the gambler has to do is to place a bet on the odds of the banker or player. If whoever you chose is holding the hand closest to nine, you win.

The amount you win will depend on how much you place, but there is a better chance of winning than losing. This makes it very irresistible not to bet, whether it is online are at the casino.

The game has many different versions, but there are three that are most popular. They include Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Far, and Punto Banco.


This is probably the most nerve-wracking game of all on this list. Each player gets a pre-printed card with a selection of numbers. A designated caller then randomly announces a random number from a pool and calls it out.

The game aims to get a certain pattern fastest, after which you shout the word bingo. The winner then leaves the game and the remaining competitors go on.

Apart from winning prizes, the game offers a chance for players to socialize, since it involves a lot of talking. It also gets to test a player’s reaction time, because the first player to shout the keyword wins. The jackpots of bingo are normally not that high. This just shows that a game’s popularity doesn’t depend on money only, but also how much fun players have to play.


This is one of the most old-school games that are still popular to this day. What makes it very popular is the simple rules of the game and the low house. However, it still has a strategy and that is what attracts most Canadian players. The rules normally give an additional advantage to the player, which increases their chances over the house.

When playing blackjack, the decisions you make will play a part in the outcome at the end. It is therefore wise to take time and think a move through before making it.

Like any other casino game, it drains money when you are not winning, It is, therefore, best you allocate a certain amount before playing. Once it is finished, you can call it a day from the casino.


Whether you are playing the above games online or at the casino, they are the most enjoyable. You will find many players because they are the most popular games. The biggest advantage of the above games is that they are played both virtually and physically.

However, it is always important to remember that, whilst enjoying the games, gambling can be addictive. Also, only play if you are of legal age, which is 19 in Canada.