What Is the 5-Spin Method?

As you may already know, slot machines, or pokies as Kiwis call them, are the most popular games played at brick-and-mortar casinos and iGaming platforms alike. Their colourful nature, fun themes, and great jackpot amounts that are usually on offer are some of the key reasons they draw many people in. Moreover, in online casino settings like mr bet new zealand, you’ll find a much larger variety of slot games as Internet casino lobbies typically feature a couple thousand of them.

That said, like any other casino game, slots are designed with a house edge to keep the casino in business at the end of the day. Thus, while some players will win, this house edge means that there are also chances of the casino retaining some of the money spent by players. So, to try and beat the house, many reel spinners have been trying to devise tactics of increasing their winning potential in the pokies. The 5-Spin method is one of such strategies that is touted by some players as one of the most effective ways of gaining an edge against the house – but is it really?

The Origin of the 5-Spin Method

The 5-Spin technique was curated by Professor Slots, a gentleman who creates casino content on YouTube. Through his approach, this casino expert claims that players stand a better chance of winning when playing pokies online or at land-based casinos. The premise here is that you limit yourself to just five spins on each slot machine that you sample. So, however interesting you find the game during those five rounds of play, you must move on to the next slot and repeat the process.

According to his YouTube video, Professor Slots states to have stumbled upon this strategy after a dozen visits to Pari-mutuel racetracks and slot machines outside of Cincinnati. The big question is, how effective is this method? Read on to find out.

The ‘Taste’ Concept

The first win in a slot machine is referred to as a ‘taste’. The 5 Spin method builds on your taste by suggesting that after those five rounds of play, it is better to move on to the next machine to experience yet another taste. As Professor Slots sees it, the chances of registering a win in the same slot machine are pretty slim in the next five rounds of play if you did not already earn a win.

The 5-Spin technique is essentially about collecting tastes as you move along instead of lingering on one taste. It is also about letting go of ‘cold’ slots and taking up the ‘hot’ ones that will result in earning you some profits. Moreover, as Professor Slots sees it, this is a good way to prevent you from going back to spend your payout on the same game and instead plough the cash into another title.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 5-Spin Method

Some of the benefits that you could gain from the 5-spin technique include:

  • Does not require much bankroll as you won’t blow through your wagering cash in a hurry trying to chase any losses;
  • If you are playing high-budget slots, you’ll find yourself spending less, according to Professor Slots;
  • If this method works, you will likely make many profits since the losses you make will be limited by your movement from one slot to the next one.

While there are some touted merits, this approach also has its fair share of drawbacks:

  • It has not been proven to be successful over an extended period of playing;
  • Professor Slots makes little effort to acknowledge the slot’s volatility and RTP when considering the factors that could trigger the machine’s payout;
  • This method fails to take into consideration the role of Random Number Generator (RNG) software in implementing how many wins you strike in a particular machine. Going with the rationale of RNGs, it is practically impossible to predict the number of wins you would get in a pokie from a few spins.

Is the 5-Spin Method Worth Trying?

Due to the uncertainties surrounding the 5-Spin slot machine method, you should instead look at verifiable numbers and properties of any given machine. For example, it is wiser to go for slots with high RTP rates of at least 96% and above as they offer higher winning potentials. If the RTP is significantly lower, then your chances of landing a payout will also be particularly low. Additionally, you should also keep an eye out for slot machines with in-game boosters like free spins, respins, pick-me bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots.

On the other hand, when going to play slots, remember to have fun as these games are created to show you a good time. So, win or lose, they are just a form of entertainment to help you relax and blow off steam or kill time when you are bored.