What Can You Expect for the Upcoming March Madness?

March Madness 2020 is right around the corner and you must be prepared for a windfall of business and you must position yourself to earn a large amount of money. There are a few strategies that you must adhere to if you want to win big this year. Now is the time to make your move, start afresh, find a new lease on life and ditch the old negative nonsense that has been plaguing you for years. The bookie business does not have to be a grind and it certainly can be more than “breaking even”. Position yourself correctly and you will earn a six-figure income and a vast majority of it will come in March.

There are two seasons that matter the most for an online bookie; March and American football. The beauty of March is the fact that it comes on the heels of the Super Bowl. Just after the NFL playoffs and after the NCAA Championship game – you are right back in the fire with March Madness.

What You Must Do—

  • If you are not online with your bookmaking operation then you must get online today. Don’t delay and don’t make excuses. Operating an online bookie is easy and highly affordable.
  • There is only one reasonable way to get yourself online and that’s with the use of a pay per head. The pay per head will charge you between $7-$10 per head based on the options you choose.

  • The kicker to all of this; you only pay one time per week per head, and you only pay if the client plays. Your client can place one wager for the one-time fee per week or they can place 300 wagers per week for the one price per head. You only pay once per week – if they play. You never pay for inactive players.
  • The trick here is to set a minimum wagering requirement. Set it at either $10, $15, or $20. By setting a minimum wager requirement you are guaranteeing that your PPH service is entirely free. You pay nothing. REMEMBER, you only pay the per head fee if your play plays at least one time during the week. If he does play, you will not pay more than $10 for that player for the week, no matter how many times he chooses to bet with you. You have just paid for his per head fee by charging a minimum wager amount and the service is 100% free to you. You can’t lose one penny with per head fees.
  • Find a top notch PPH provider and get in now. Bookies across the USA are realizing their clients are asking for more and they want to gamble 24/7. Not just when you are available to take their wager. They are tired of betting on your time.
  • The PPH builds your site for free and they offer you and your clients an exclusive .com address. Your clients will enjoy your gambling site just as they would enjoy any other mainstream online gambling site.
  • The PPH does everything for you. They set the daily events, they set all of the lines and odds on all of those daily events and best of all, you are given control to change any lines that you choose to change. This is your online sportsbook, you are in charge, not the PPH.
  • The PPH accepts all wagers either on the website itself or by calling the 800 number.

  • The PPH offers 24/7 customer supports with gaming-friendly agents that speak English.

  • The PPH does all of the little things for you such as daily reports- both financial and palyer reports.
  • The PPH grades all bet slips and they credit each player account appropriately.

What you are looking for as a bookmaker is peace of mind. Now you can have that peace of mind for free with a pay per head. Stop beating your head against the wall and start earning a fantastic income in 2020. Now is the time to shake off the mess of 2019 and start earning big with a fantastic online sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a state-of-the-art casino. You get everything for free and you can try it all now for free. Call the PPH and start the year out on a winning note.

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