What a Pay Per Head Software Can Give You

If you’re a bookie that’s looking for a great income, then you must have a great pay per head service. Bookies worldwide are discovering that pay per head services are not just a luxury, but a necessity. Long gone are the days of this service being for “rich boys”. The best PPH providers on the web have made this business affordable and they have turned it into “a can’t live without product. For around $10 per head, you can be living like the “big boys” of the online bookmaking world. The “big boys” are all using the PPH concept, it’s nothing new. The best part of using a PPH is the time you will have to recruit players. Now you can build your business.

  • Bookies: Stop working so hard and start working smarter. There is no good reason to be killing yourself for low wages and only to see your clients leave one-by-one. Why even be in this business if life is going to be this way?
  • A pay per head provider offers you the bookie a way to create an online presence and to be up and fully-operational within a very short time, (usually a day or less). Without an online presence, you are simply a fish out of water in the gaming industry. You need the online support to run this business and your clients will love you for offering this service.
  • Start by reading online reviews, you want the best pay per head service that is available but not the most expensive, and certainly not the Remember, in this business, you get what you pay for.
  • Customer service is to be expected, after all, you are the bookie – the paying client. You want your clients to be happy and you want them to have the best customer service available. Now you have the chance to offer them exactly that.
  • A great PPH provider will offer a toll-free hotline for you as well as your client to access from the United States, that comes fully staffed with English speaking agents that are gaming knowledgeable.
  • Top-notch security: You must have the best and most secure servers in the world. You need this to protect your clients as well as yourself, you also care about “up-time”. Find a PPH that is willing to say they will be up and operational at least 95% of the time! You need your sportsbook to run at all times. Your clients will go to another sportsbook if your site is down.
  • A fantastic wagering platforms, as well as wagering menu—You, must have both. You cannot survive without these. You clients want to gamble on sports! This is why they have come to you. Now you must offer them options. With a fantastic Pay Per Head service, you can do just that- offer them a ton of great betting options and in fact, the same betting options that any other major, online sportsbook would offer.

The best things in life are not just cheap, now they are free for the first month! The best PPH providers on the web are now offering a month’s long free trial and you get the full-service. There are no shortcuts here just the real thing that is daily useable and profit ready.

Why a casino?

  • As a bookie, there will be times when you need revenue flow beyond that of the sportsbook and the casino is the best place to find it. The sportsbook industry is marginal and comes with plenty of downtimes. The mega-casinos of the Las Vegas strip will be the first ones to testify to this fact. They know how difficult it can be to stay in black ink and they have found a fool-proof way to get around the lean times; the Casino!
  • The casino almost never loses money. There are certainly times when there will be payouts but in general, the casino is a huge money-maker for the bookie, they keep the sportsbook afloat.

Find the perfect pay per head provider today and have your players playing today. It’s easy to sign-up for a free trial and inexpensive when you do start paying, around $10 per head. You can’t lose with a pay per head, simplify your life.

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